"Allegiant" Will Probably Win Box Office But Make Less Than Previous "Divergent" Films

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This week's box office will likely be taken over by Allegiant, the third film in The Divergent Series.

Despite its impending box office success, the YA thriller will likely take in less money than the franchise's previous two installments. This suggests a decreasing enthusiasm for the series, the first film of which, Divergent, debuted in 2014 to $54.6 million. The second, Insurgent, brought in $52.6 million. Allegiant is predicted to rake in $34 million and $40 million its opening weekend.

Lionsgate, the film's production studio, is still experiencing the sting of humiliation after the commercial and critical flop of its recent Gods of Egypt.

The fourth and final installment, Ascendant, is due in 2017.


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