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Britney Spears spotted at LAX - where is she going? + more

Rocking some cute braids the 34 year old pop star was captured departing from LAX, destination unknown. With rumors of a new album release on the horizon fans are speculating that she's headed to NYC for some kind of promotional appearance. Or perhaps she's heading back home to quiet and tranquil Kentwood Louisiana for spring break. Stay tuned.

Newly surfaced meet and greet

The pop star's fragrance franchise has grown to be worth 1 billion

- Each fragrance represents a different side of her according to Ms. Spears
- She loves creating perfumes that express her different moods
- She released her first scent Curious back in 2004
- The line has spawned 19 different fragrances with the latest being Maui Fantasy

When's the last time you took a trip, ontd?

vid source / pic source / pic source / empire source
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