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Melanie Martinez Releases Music Video for Cry Baby

Following in theme with her album and previous music videos, Melanie Martinez portrays a wide eyed, angry, sultry, jaded child in a surreal pastel world of abuse and over the topness. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of her album, her interviews, and occasionally, her ~aesthetic/bold handed metaphors about the dichotomy of childhood and adulthood. I just am second guessing if this is getting too repetitive and less creative.

Anyway, here are some more things she's been doing and saying.

- Making & performing an album is a sharing experience between her, her music, and her fans.
- She is "cry baby."
- Story of the character's life, about being crazy & emotional, but becoming comfortable and acknowledging that.
- Represents her teenage years, she turns 21 in April.
- Says like.
- Not inspired by musicians, but visual artists like Mark Ryden.
- There will be a video for every song, she hopes.
- Wants her discography to connect.
- Shares her WIP concept for next album.

- Music is like therapy for her.
- Traveled with her father and played live in bars.
- Like.
- Starts to cry.
- Touring exhausts her. Would rather be home writing and creating instead of performing.
- Has a couple of videos in the editing process.

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3

ONTD, what does your favorite bib look like?

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