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Hold On To Your Wigs & Illusion Hairlines, Viola Davis' Harriet Tubman Biopic Is Still Happening!

The film is currently being written being by a white dude (Kirk Ellis) and it is being made in conjunction Amblin Entertinament - one of the production companies behind MIB 3, Jurassic World and Lincoln. Also currently, being written by a white dude is the Babra Jordan Biopic!

Other things mentioned -
On her character: Why do I have to be a mentor? Why do I have to be heroic? You say that to James Gandolfini?

On Frank Delfino (Charlie Webber): Frank, I love all my scenes. I'm always surprised afterward when people say, "You have such chemistry." I'm like, “We do?” I don't know what chemistry is. I mean, I feel like it's good and everything. He's cute.

People critiquing the show: The bad things are true. But it's still great. And that's how I feel about How to Get Away With Murder. I know people say there's a lot going on or whatever. But what it does right cannot be ignored. Listen. Me being cast as Annalise alone, stop, exclamation point, is OMG.

She later says:  I don't care if people think it's messy. I don't think people even think it's messy storytelling. The one thing you can admit is it's brave, and it's bold, and people are not putting limitations on Annalise in terms of her pathology.

Sterotype that she would love to see retired: I can really retire the good-hearted, maternal, strong, I don't need Buddha, Jesus, black woman. She can go to the graveyard. I'll pay for the burial.

On BET and Being Mary Jane - BET is definitely doing it with Being Mary Jane, Gabrielle Union, that's definitely a revolutionary role. (op - this season was the best so far!)

Very lenghty interview at the source source

ONTD, have your faves secured their "extensions" for the eventual release of both biopics?
Tags: how to get away with murder (abc), viola davis

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