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The real story behind Madonna’s ‘meltdown’

This photo was taken at a free mini-concert to make it up to Australian fans who have been skipped from her world tours for the last 23 years.

  • The story: The US and the UK are reporting that Madonna is slurring her way through these concerts with “incoherent rambling”. "Madonna suffers ANOTHER onstage meltdown!" and making a “sad spectacle” of herself.

  • Her age, 57, must also be mentioned, with the implied ageist value judgment that she should have settled into retirement by now.

  • These stories are taken out of context from her Australian shows to create a more exciting spectacle.

  • It is impossible to be drunk on a precision concert such as this.

  • The choreoghaphy demands that Madonna know every step and know the timing of moving set pieces such as cross-shaped pole bars, cages being lowered on stage, screens popping out of stage, props and set pieces sliding in and out. A misstep would cause a serious accident to herself or her crew.

  • As the massive world tour winds down she is easing into a more laid back persona during the moments she interacts with the audience. The Australian press like to claim that she is easing into the Australian laid-back way of life.

  • Someone please f--- me” happened moments after she was fake married on stage.

  • All flasks on stage container water.

  • Madonna is still  consistently and annoyingly late, her main flaw.

  • At her show on Sunday, when she came on stage at 10.30pm, she admitted to the audience she wasn’t having a great day and began the show in a bad mood — but performing soon cured that.

More at http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/rendezview/the-real-story-behind-madonnas-meltdown/news-story/e6ae91b3046a42aa6be54608a156e337
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