Mariah Carey's Brother Morgan Says She's "A Witch"

  • Mariah Carey's brother Morgan says Mariah refuses to help sister Alison Carey by paying for her medical treatment, who needs spine and brain surgery

  • He says Mariah probably pampers more to her dogs than caring about their sisters medical bills

  • He says Mariah didn't show up at the hospital when Alison was being removed from a ventilator, thinking it was Alison's last days

  • Morgan says Mariah never responded when he had emailed that his wife miscarried and that Mariah's too self obsessed and in her own little world

  • Says it's sad she's been "flashing" her new ring instead of helping their sister

This is not the first time he's went to the press, there was a post where he said that Mariah will die like Whitney
There were also a post where Alison wrote an open letter to Mimi

Mariah tried and years ago paid for Alison's rehab treatment but eventually there was no more contact between them. Mariah's brother had recently started talking to the press a few years ago.
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