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ONTD Original: Revisiting Lady Gaga's Magum Bopus "Born This Way"

Revisiting Lady Gaga's Magum Bopus "Born This Way"

now i know the gorls are quick to call their faves flop parvum opus masterpiece's 'ahead of its time' maybe because the good girl strayed from ha norm or whatever the reason but the good gaga sis, the queen of pop really released the true magnum opus of the new millenia. Born This Way wasn't only ahead of its time, but the hooks, the choruses, clunky lyrics, the instrumentals alone, and sis the replay value is unparallel, the pop sisses are starting to create critic darling albums that dont smash at first but have amazing replay value like the good 'emotion', and tbh creating albums that way is smarter

anyway so now that the good first gay gorl sam smith tugged at gagas egot wig and got the academy award she deserved, we have to go back and dissect ha true and THE true pop magnum opus and replay value album pioneer the good Born This Way album

let the good sisses start with the accolades

Born This Way
Released - May 23rd 2011 (nnn shes a gemini, slay)
Peak on Billboard 200 Albums - 1
First Single Peak on Billboard Hot 100 - 1 for 14 weeks, (nn gaga carey)
Which pop gurls were shook a bit - all the gorls tbh, gaga kinda tugged a bit with the iconic cover and born this way being the only #1 song to feature the words gay (nn suddenly the smith is sam), nnn and giving us the timeless black white or beige chola or orient made

i could do every track but honestly it's too many bops, there is such a thing called too many bops, a bopapalypse truly

Marry The Night


I want whatever the good sis was smokin when she came up with this shit, this is how you do eurotrash, Queen of Pop, Queen of Choruses

Notable Lyric
'When I'm on a mission, I rebuke my condition, if youre a strong female, you dont need permission"
(Gaglia Steinham, Shirley Chisolmnatta)

Bloody Mary

Remember how it felt when you first heard this shit? like is it a bop? am i in the illuminati for having listened to this, but like picture me turning this shit off, whew else can give transylvania pop in 2016, bitch came with the grregorian chants CHANTING HA name, like the audacity, and then the dum dum dadida like, honestly this is crack whore pop at its finest

Notable Lyric
'*Greogorian Chants* GA GA, GA GA, GA GA, GA-GAGAGAGA"
(shes giving 'the little vampire' soundtrack)

Bad Kids

10s, 10s, 10s across the fucking board, "Bad Kids" is the true BOP, in the top 10 best pop choruses since 1994

Notable Lyric
'I'm a bad kid, I'm disastrarous, give me your money, or I'll hold my breathe"
(idek what that shit means but it deadass brings a tear to my eye, QOP)

Heavy Metal Lover

Heavy Metal Lover or Heavy Mental Lover depending on where you illegaly downloaded it from anyway, lemme tell the gorls something, its a bold statement but .. this song, this .. song is WHY gaga is the #1 candidate for Queen of Popdome, like i need the gorls to understand that like before pop gorls had cute songs but honestly the word "bop" was invented for this song, like what came first HML or the word bop? THIS IS A BOP. THIS IS THE DICTIONARY DEFINITION OF A BOP, if you ever need something to refer to. No pop gorl has ever made a song that comes close, I mean look there are gorls that have full, established, bopscographies but like, when you get into 2:28 on this song you'll realize no other pop gorl could ever! Best Female Pop song of this decade. hands down get into this song please

Notable Lyric
'I could be your girl girl girl, but would you love me IF I ruled the world, world, world"
(bitch, this is where i became a stan, feminist icon)

Honorable Mentions

Fashion Of His Love

Electric Chapel

Favorite BTW songs/looks?
Are you ready for #L5?
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