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Shailene Woodley on Saving India, Social Media, and Morphogenetic Fields

    On Feminism:
  • Shailene recently came back from India and saw cars with "Save a Girl" bumper stickers (a campaign in India to stop aborting female fetuses). This reminded her of how important her work in America is.

  • She continues to talk about how women have no rights in other countries and America is leading the way.

  • As an example, she throws out how when she was hiking in the Himalayas, she saw some old ladies hauling bales of grass and had her friend ask them if they liked it. The women told her that they did it so they could feed their cow and sell milk to support their families.

  • On Social Media:
  • Says she isn't more active on social media, because she doesn't want to be a narcissist that looks to followers for feeding her ego.

  • Thinks people should get jobs based on their talent, not popularity on social media

  • On Interests:
  • She opens the question by saying, "I'm obsessed with the morphogenetic field right now. It's fascinating. It's essentially examining genetics through your quantum field and what you can learn from that."


is shailene playing the zero escape series right now
Tags: actor / actress, celebrity social media, feminism / social issues, interview, politics, science, shailene woodley

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