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Game Of Thrones season 5 blurays reveal new info about show and confirm The Winds of Winter spoiler

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The blurays of Game of Thrones Season 5 has provided a bunch of new behind the scenes info about the show, it's writing and decisions

Some highlights:

-Natalie Dormer reveals that she was continually asked about her sex scene with Tommen because of the age difference. Which Natalie thought was sexist because "people wouldn’t blink an eye at a similar age difference with the gender reversed, such as that between Harrison Ford and Sean Young's characters in Blade Runner".

-Dorne was originally NEVER going to be included in the show, but Bryan Cogman came up with the idea of sending two established characters there and pairing Jaime up with Bronn.

-In the books it is the High Sparrow who pretty much forces Cersei to arm the Faith Militant. The writers specifically changed to Cersei thinking of the idea to arm the Faith all on her own so her self-destructiveness in her downfall is more obvious.

-The costume designer Michele Clapton originally had a cut on the Daenerys' prostitute's front dress as well, but D&D did made her change it because they thought it was "too shocking".

-The scene of Stannis telling Shireen the story of her greyscale was specifically included so her burning is even more painful when she is sacrificed to the God of Light in episode nine.

-It was heavily discussed if Barristan Selmy should be kept alive, as he is in the books, but it was decided his death needed to happen so that Dany would be increasingly isolated as the season went on.

-GRRM confirmed to D&D that BOTH Stannis and Melisandre burn Shireen in the books.


ONTD would it bother if D&D kept confirming on which scenes actually will happen in the books as the show goes on?
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