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Britney Spears is addicted to Porn + news roundup

National Enquirer uses a picture of somebody that's not Britney Spears for their story lol

- According to NE, Britney watches porn every single day
- She's always done it but ramped it up ever since she broke up with the last bf
- Friends are worried it's becoming an obsession
- Daddy Spears wants to get her a new boyfriend asap because Daddy knows best, naturally. ugh

Songwriter Carla Marie Williams says she's working on Britney's latest album

Who's ready for B9?

Random Selfie

Celebrating International Women's Day

britneyspears I am so lucky to know so many amazing ladies that inspire me every single day… and I’m so grateful that there are so many amazing ladies in my family! I love you all so much. Thanks to ALL the women out there that are empowering women on a daily basis… you make the world a better place ❤️ #internationalwomensday

M.I.A from the collage? Lynne Spears

AJ Mclean from BSB talks about Britney & BSB possibly doing their own residency

Would you be here for a Backstreet Boys residency?

NE Porn story source / songwriter source / britney source / britney source / bsb source

Are you addicted to porn, ontd?

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