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77 (5) Dead Lesbian and Bisexual Characters On TV, And How They Died

Autostraddle has compiled a list of every single recurring openly gay/bi woman who has died on television. Since I can only list five, I've left out the more recent death(s) that people have been complaining about in other posts.

A bit of background, per autostraddle:

"The history of lesbian representation on television is rocky — in the beginning, we seemed exclusively relegated to roles that saw us getting killed/attacked or doing the killing/attacking. And until the last five or so years, lesbian and bisexual characters seemed entirely unable to date an actual woman or stay alive for more than three episodes, let alone an entire run, of a show. Gay and lesbian characters are so often murdered on television that we have our very own trope: Bury Your Gays. We comprise such a teeny-tiny fraction of characters on television to begin with that killing us off so haphazardly feels especially cruel."


[harold, they’re lesbians]
1. Julie, Executive Suite (1976)

Cause of death: She's hit by a car while chasing after her love interest, who decides to walk into traffic after realizing she's gay.

2. Jadzia Dax, Star Treek: Deep Space Nine (1998)

Cause of death: An alien-possessed alien blasts her.

3. Snoop, The Wire (2008)

Cause of death: Michael shot her before she could shoot him.

4. Jenny Schecter, The L Word (2009)

Cause of death: She was murdered by Ilene Chaiken.

5. Silvia Castro León, Los hombres de Paco (2010)

Cause of death: Silvia was offed by gangsters immediately after her wedding. Harsh.

read about 72 other unfortunate souls at the source

OBSERVATIONS: Too many deaths via gunshot wounds, not enough deaths via sex with long nails or strangulation by flannel shirts.

You know what's the best remedy for dead gay/bi women? Happy gay/bi women! On that note, everyone go watch Saving Face rn.

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