Tao Okamoto: Asian Actors are the "Minorities of the Minorities"

- Did an interview with HuffPo Live.
- Says "This time, people were talking about there's no black people for the [Oscar] nominees and all that, but we're not even in the game. People don't even talk about us, meaning Asian or Japanese or other ethnicities."
- Says it's tough, but more people are opening doors and taking risks, which she appreciates.
- Says she's gotten a couple of superhero movies and those are easier to fit as Asian actors, but she'd like to see Asians cast in more realistic movies instead of just fantasy.
- Is in favor of more diversity in creative positions, e.g. writers, producers, etc.
- Says Asians are the "minorities of the minorities" and thinks they should speak up more and as opposed to being "reserved and shy" which gives the impression that they don't complain.


Nice to see another Asian actor speaking out. You can click through for the (autoplay) video.