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The Flash: Roundup - 2x16 'Trajectory' Promo Pics, 2x17 'Flash Back' Info & The Cast on Social Media

Since there are no new episodes until March 22nd, come on in to this Flash Fam roundup post and take a gander at what the The Flash cast have been up to together on social media since the hiatus began, check out the episode description for 2x17 Flash Back (in which Andy Mientus returns as Hartley Rathaway as well as [Spoiler (click to open)]Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne!!), and enjoy some aesthetically pleasing promo pics for 2x16 Trajectory!

{The Flash 2x16 Trajectory Promo Pics.}
(Please note that your Good & Noble OP did not deliberately curate these promo pics to transparently represent only her faves - the released promo pics just so fortunately happen to be Family Wells centric! It is all coincidence.)

with Barry locked in the pipeline where he belongs, how will Harry Wells, Saviour of E2 Central City, save the day and his daughter yet again? 7 of 15, the rest at the source...Collapse )

{The Flash 2x17 Flash Back Episode Description.}
Everyone's fave Pied Piper of Sass Hartley Rathaway (♥) is 'back' in 2x17 Flash Back, airing March 29th!
But he's not alone... another attractive audience fave of seasons past will be 'returning' to guest star. Guess hew!

what foolhardy plan will Barry have in 2x17, and just who will give him the pep talk he'll need not to mess it all up even worse than ripping a whole between alternate universes? SPOILERSCollapse )

{The Flash Cast Being Adorable on Social Media.}
Spoiler: they're super cute.
Spoiler 2: includes 2x21 table read and (director) Kevin Smith!
Disclaimer: Once again, the focus of this cast social media roundup is not curated by your Good & Noble OP, but a true and accurate portrayal of relevant cast activity on social media in the last two weeks to satiate your thirst for news and updates in the absence of new episodes.

Flash Cast Being Adorable & Doing Stuff Together on Social Media...Collapse )

Sources: Flash TV News 2x16, Flash TV News 2x17, Violett Beane, Flash Behind The Seams, Sarah Koppes (Head of Hair on The Flash), Caity Lotz, Tom Cavanagh, Candice Patton, Candice Patton, Tom Cavanagh, Kevin Smith, Ryan Doucette

Are YOU missing The Families Wells & West, ONTD Flash Fam?

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