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Wendy talks about Mariah vs Jlo

  • recaps on recent 'I Don't Know Her' comments and Jlo's comments about it

  • says they will get together in the future to do a show of some sort

  • Both Jlo and Mariah are ON THE SAME RECORD LABEL (ITS 1997 ALL OVER AGAIN)

Still don't know about this story? Here is a timeline-

  • 1997ish - Once Mariah and her then husband divorced, he took on Jlo as his new project. At that time Mariah was pretty much the star of Sony Records, she made them almost $1 Billion and had any resource she wanted at her feet

  • Mariah was convinced some shady shit was going down. 'I Don't Know Her' was not the first time she went in on Jlo

  • When a reporter told Mariah she recently talked to Jlo, Mariah apparently stated "I bet it was really intellectually stimulating... I bet you could see the depth in her eyes, she was so soulful"

  • Mariah at the time stated she slept only 3 hours per night, when told Jlo slept 8, she said "If I had the luxury of not actually having to sing my own songs... I'd do that too"

  • Glitter Era- Her husband is still the CEO of Sony Music, he had access to her soundtrack and heard she plans to use the 'Firecracker' sample for 'Loverboy', he instead gave the sample to Jlo.

  • He also took Mariah's idea of having a duet where the singer/rapper talk back and forth, he also gave that to Jlo

  • Mariah releases a remix of 'Loverboy' featuring Da Brat dissing Tommy/Jlo while using the 'Firecracker' sample

  • Tommy was eventually told to go to the Japan office of Sony, he was then fired (Japan stans for Mariah if ya didnt know, best selling foreign artist of all time over there)

  • Reporter asks about Jlo, she replies 'I Don't Know Her'

  • Then theres like a shit ton of rumours of Mariah calling Jlo a pig, etc

  • Now theyre asking Jlo and Mariah about this shit again

  • Click on source 2 to find out more
Source 1 2

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