How Erin Andrews Manages Hotel Stays After Peephole Trauma

During her trial, Erin Andrews shared the measures she now takes, when staying in hotels, after being secretly filmed from a peephole while nude at a Marriott in Nashville.
- Tells hotel staff that a man will be joining her even when it's not true.
- Asks to be moved from the room she was pre-booked in.
- Requires staff to call her if someone requests to be in the room next to her.
- Carries own bag and doesn't allow anyone to be with her when she goes up her room.
- Covers the peephole and scans the entire room for lights or cameras.
- Sets up "booby traps" to know if someone has entered her room without her knowledge.
- Room service is only allowed to leave food in the hallway.
- No longer stays in rooms that have adjoining rooms.