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Fact Checking this Week's People vs OJ Simpson

-It was actually Marcia Clark's former mother-in-law who leaked the nude vacation photos to the National Enquirer. Some private eye wanted to suck up to the Dream Team and tracked her down in Israel where they put her in touch with the publication. Marcia under went lots of unfair scrutiny, and it's true that Ito called a recess that day after seeing how distraught she was after the photos leaked.

-Darden and Clark did have some sort of thing during the trail though it never got sexual. He brought his Isley Brothers CDs to her house on one occasion. The trial made them sort of closer, and he did cheer her up after the photos leaked. Darden has said that he keeps getting asked if they got married to which he always says, "No."

-Ms Lopez was just as bad a witness in real life as on the show. No shrugging though. On the subject of witnesses, Bailey's questioning of Fuhrman on the show was very accurate to how it really happened. The transcripts even include ALL CAPSLOCK for emphasis.

-Bailey did try to pull a fake glove stunt which he got called out on, and Marcia did make a quip about it. The LA Times did go ahead and print a story about how Cochran had beat his first wife.

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