SeaWorld posts video blog that states they aren't optimistic about Tilikum's health

Over recent years SeaWorld has gained a lot of negative publicity over Tilikum, an orca in their Orlando park. Tilikum, who you may know from the documentary Blackfish, has been involved in the deaths of three different individuals including trainer Dawn Brancheau back in 2010. Despite being known as an aggressive animal SeaWorld has used him as their top breeder over the years.

Earlier today SeaWorld posted the above video to their YouTube channel talking about the health of the whale that they have had in their park for 23 years.

While in a typical SeaWorld fashion they try to say 34 year old whale is just getting older and would not still be with us if he was in the wild (male orcas are documented as living up to 70 in the wild) they do speak of the seriousness of Tilikum's current health problems. A SeaWorld vetinarian mentions that in addition to teeth problems he has had since he was in captivity he now also has a chronic bacterial infection in his lungs. The spokesperson stated he is no longer optimistic about the whale's future.