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J.K Rowling Perpetuates Stereotypes, Upsets Native American Fans.

  • New story about Native American wizards in the HP world is laced with cultral appropriaton and stereotypes.

  • Describes N.A Wizards as gifted in "animal and plant based magic", great at wandless magic and animagi.

  • "We’re not magical creatures, we’re contemporary peoples who are still here, and still practice our spiritual traditions, traditions that are not akin to a completely imaginary wizarding world (as badass as that wizarding world is)," Keene wrote.

  • Don't like being compared to fantasy like creatures.

  • "The problem, Jo (can I call you Jo? I hope so), is that we as Indigenous peoples are constantly situated as fantasy creatures."

  • Worried about microagressions and cultural appropriation from non-Native American, American fans.

  • "We fight so hard every single day as Native peoples to be seen as contemporary, real, full, and complete human beings and to push away from the stereotypes that restrict us in stock categories of mystical-connected-to-nature-shamans or violent-savage-warriors."

While I do understand those who want to reserve judgment till more is released this week, I also agree with those frustrated with the continued narrative about N.A being mythical-like creatures.
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