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Omid Abtahi talks about playing the Antichrist's pal on 'Damien'

'Damien' is a televison show starring Merlin's Bradley James about the titular character from the movie "The Omen," now grown up and unaware that he is the Antichrist. Omid Abtahi plays Amani Golkar, Damien's best friend and a fellow war photographer.

“I haven’t done the horror genre and while ‘Damien’ to me was never really a horror show, it was amazing how much of a good time you could have doing this dark and scary stuff that’s not scary at all when you’re shooting. You’re laughing between takes and then they call, ‘Action!’ I fell in love with this cast and crew and I hope we can keep producing more seasons of it.”

Abtahi says playing Salim on the second season of Showtime's 'Sleeper Cell' has been his favorite role so far. “It was the most challenging role I’ve had to play: an Iraqi, British, Muslim, gay terrorist, a walking contradiction. It pushed me beyond my comfort zone and I grew so much as an actor in that one season.”

On being in the final "Hunger Games" movie, Abtahi said it was like being the new kid at school when everybody else already knows eachother, "but everyone was so friendly, you were partying with them that first night.”  He enjoyed "getting to experience what these big-budget films are like, showing up to work and thousands of fans screaming – not for me but for Jennifer Lawrence and Liam [Hemsworth] – just to see what that Beatles-like fandom is like."

More at the source.

'Damien' premieres tonight at 10 on A&E, following the season premiere of 'Bates Motel.'
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