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Caitlyn Still Totally Delusional About Republicans RE: Transgender Rights

In a recent episode of "I Am Cait," Caitlyn Jenner talked politics and claimed Hillary will be bad for transgender rights because, "She couldn't care less about women. She only cares about herself." When pressed for which Republican candidate will be good for transgender people, she said, “All of them. They don’t hate gays or trans people."

As Pink and White notes, Hillary as an extensive section on transgender rights in her platform. It goes on for several paragraphs and can be viewed in full at the source. Bernie Sanders also mentions transgender rights briefly in his platform. The Republicans? Not one fucking mention.

In fact, Ted Cruz -- whom Caitlyn recently tacitly endorsed when she said she would love for Ted Cruz to be elected and to be appointed his advisor or transgender issues -- had this to say about the right of transgender students having the right to choose gender appropriate bathroom:

Look, these guys are so nutty that the federal government is going after school districts, trying to force them to let boys shower with little girls. Now listen: I’m the father of two daughters, and the idea that the federal government is coming in saying that boys, with all the god-given equipment of boys, can be in the shower room with junior high girls – this is lunacy!

Above quote via an interview excerpted on Buzzfeed

The myth that transgender girls and women are sexual predators is pretty widespread in the GOP. Recently, the city of Charlotte, NC passed an ordinance allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice. Republican governor Pat McCrory and House Speaker Tim Moore are NOT happy about this. The latter is pushing for a special sessions because, "we cannot put a price tag on the safety of women and children." (Quote via Charlotte Observer) This is despite the fact that sexual assault rates are not higher in states with non-discriminatory bathroom laws (source via MediaMatters).

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