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Tinashe post! Mixtapes "Reverie" and "Black Water" now on Spotify + Joyride World Tour news!

Tinashe's 2nd and 3rd mixtapes, "Reverie" and "Black Water", are now on Spotify! They're both mixed under a self-titled album. Her first and latest mixtapes, "In Case We Die" and "Amethyst", were not included yet.

Stream it here! (songs recommendation: "Black Water", "Midnight Sun", "Vulnerable", "Stargazing", "Ecstasy", "Come When I Call")

Tinashe kicked off her Joyride World Tour last week. The first concert took place in Minneapolis on the 28th of last month.
Tinashe performed songs from her album "Aquarius", from her mixtapes, her newest singles and some exclusive songs from her new album, like "Touch Pass" and "Fire and Flames". Check out some videos:

"Ride Of Your Life" (opening)

"Party Favors" (with new choreography)

"All Hands on Deck" (with new choreography)

Janet Jackson's "That's The Way Love Goes" + Selena Gomez's "Same Old Love"


"All My Friends"

"Touch Pass" (New song!)

"Fire and Flames" (New song!)

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fire and flames tho
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