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Counting Eggs Before They Hatch: Assassin's Creed Sequel Planned for 2019

Producers are really pleased with their final product and want to make more movies with Fassbender as original character Callum Lynch.

That's a lot of confidence for a movie coming out in a crowded market this December. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will have premiered the week before, and it will also be going up against the sci-fi epic Passengers starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt as well as the animated family comedy Sing.

This is being pegged as a hopeful future franchise with a reported 125 million dollar budget for this first movie.

As for the plot, Callum Lynch uses a machine to tap into his ancestor's memories only to find that his ancestor was part of a secret assassin society that parkours everywhere and jumps off of high ass buildings into convenient bales of hay. He bounces between 15th Century Spain and current day to take on the Knights Templar in the present and probably fails if they want to make more sequels so get ready for that cliffhanger hook. The movie comes out December 21.

Tags: adaptations, computer / video games, film - action / adventure, film - science fiction, michael fassbender

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