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Andy Daly on Political Correctness in comedy + other stuff with The Believer

AD: 'I have begun to wonder where the term “politically correct” came from. It’s such a horrible phrase, the notion that politics could be correct or incorrect. I feel like the original proponents of what we now call political correctness could not possibly have called it that. But really, at its best, what it’s saying is, “Don’t be a dick. If there’s an opportunity to not hurt somebody, don’t hurt them."
But people don’t like to be told. For instance, your example of that piece where Forrest was going to get breast implants. It took me a little while to think it through, but I considered it from the perspective of the transgender community and empathized and realized: yeah, it would hurt. If some comedians don’t want to sacrifice certain jokes, that’s up to them. But they have to be prepared to look like a dick.'

  • says when Forrest reviewed racism, he was worried and wanted to make sure he was the butt of the joke rather than the victims of his racism

  • Comedy Central came to them and said they could have another season to wrap up the story

  • wants to give it a 'carefully constructed' finale so the show can be watched over and over

  • is just acting on Chuck and Bean, wanted the financial security of a network show

  • chose that script because they asked for an 'Andy Daly type'

  • says all tv channels will just be apps soon

  • tells some story about Hunter S Thompson and talks about starting out in New York

Source: believermag

ONTD do you think TV channels will only be apps? why didnt you watch Review? do you have breast implants?
Tags: comedy / comedian, television - comedy central

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