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FKA twigs Calvin Klein Behind-The-Scenes Pics + Fader Interview

Behind-The-Scenes pics taken by noted FKA twigs photographer Paula Harrowing.
 photo tumblr_o3jkclwulL1tke6alo2_1280.jpg

 photo tumblr_o3j19cCOGy1tke6alo2_1280.jpg

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FKA twigs gives insight to the videos she did for her newest single "Good to Love".

*The official video for "Good to Love" was shot with an iPhone.
*She learned through experience, how to be more organized when directing.
*Came up with the choreography for the CK video in South Africa.
*The official video was shot in her room.
*Enjoys big budget productions, but also likes doing "low key and punk" productions.
*"Good to Love" went through many different versions (an Arabic version) before the final cut.
*Grateful big companies let her direct and hopes to keep doing so in the future and improve.

But that's not all! On March 1st, she surprised people by doing an impromptu performance at the Faena Hotel Miami Beach! She sang “Summertime” by The Gershwins. Read more about it at the source!

She stays slaying, imo!
 photo tumblr_nuku4kY6kN1tom4igo1_500.gif

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