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The reviews for Disney's Zootopia are in!

- Hidden inside this "big-hearted comedy" about talking animals, Zootopia is a strikingly blunt movie about race relations and stereotypes.
- Compares Zootopia to the movie to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? as an old-school noir detective story.
- Despite it's heavy themes, still has genuinely funny moments
- Praises the voice acting.
- Sets the bar high for other animated movies coming out this year.

- Gives it 9/10 "Amazing"
- Praises Nick and Judy as a great duo.
- Powerful themes about race relations, racial profiling and stereotyping without becoming preachy.
- The city Zootopia is a really impressive creation.
- Funny and clever.

- Feels the movie is more about gender than race.
- As the movie progresses, it starts feeling more like vintage noirs like Chinatown and L.A. Confidential.
- Also compares it to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, saying it feels like a more kid-friendly and human-less version of that movie.
- Plays to the studio's strengths.
- Notes that Zootopia establishes an environment that can be further explored in countless angles like a TV spin-off.

- 3.5/4 stars
- Praises the movie for taking chances and not playing it safe.
- Kids will love it, but adults will have even more fun.

- A heartfelt message for kids and layered subtext for adults.
- Magnifies the problems of human society through a fictional mammal civilization.
- Praises the relationship and banter between the main characters.
- Criticizes the film's villain as being predictable and half-cooked.

- Movie trusts young viewers to recognize clichés from other animated films and to appreciate seeing them subverted.
- Funny, smart and thought-provoking.

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The movie currently holds a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Have you seen this movie already, ontd? Did you like it?
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