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ONTD Original: Piscean Problematic Faves & Flops

Hello everyone and welcome to the last installment of our Horoscope Faves/Problems for the wonderful . I hope you enjoy this post! See you next month for Aries.

Piscean Problematic Faves
Rihanna, Feb 20
RIHANNA! The ultimate ONTD problematic fave. Her long history of messiness is rivaled by her effortless cool. Rih is well loved, but been a participant of enough fuckery to earn her spot on this list.

Laura Prepon, March 7
Blame it on Xenu!! Laura got her start as mega-babe Donna in That Seventies Show, since then she's unfortunately gone the way of the Masterson brothers. Some consider her eyebrow situation problematic.

Matthew Gray Gubler, March 9
Seems to be a nice guy but he’s also really close buddies with Terry Richardson, so how nice can he be???

Aamir Khan, March 14
As per milfordacademy, Aamir Khan has done a lot of good things. He’s an activist, has spoken out against the Indian government’s intolerance, and his show Satyamev Jayate (which means “truth alone triumphs”) exposes a lot of problems in India in a sensitive and informative way. However, he’s kind of an asshole in his personal life, with rumors that he has an illegitimate child with a white woman, his support of known murderer and abuser Salman Khan, and for fighting with Salman Khan over their respective boxing movies.

Chris Martin, March 2

He’s problematic but he's not really anyone's fave either. Still, he doesn't stack up against these next Pisceans...

Honorable mentions: Potato duo Ansel Elgort and Miles Teller, Rob Lowe

Piscean Flops

Justin Bieber, March 1
It's way too late to say sorry, Justin. We thought we were over your whiny racist ass but you and Ellen hatched a plan to worm your way into mainstream culture once again.

Chuck Norris, March 10
Dammit Chuck Norris, why does your Republican ass have to tarnish my love of round house kicks? Chuck Norris, star of many internet jokes, is actually a terrible person. If you are angry, just remember that Bruce Lee did fight him in Way of the Dragon and totally kills him.

E.L. James, March 7
This bitch. Her fanfic turned worldwide phenomenon makes me sick for its positive portrayal of an abusive and controlling relationship. She continues to deny that the story is abusive and deflects the fact that actual BDSM is not like that.

Terrence "Baby Wipes" Howard, March 11
Baby Wipes is straight up nuts. Someone failed him as a child, and he's failed himself since.

Robin Thicke, March 10
Responsible for Blurred Lines, the anti-consent anthem of He and Pharrell got sued by Marvin Gaye’s estate for plagiarism. Paula Patton left him and he embarrassed himself by releasing "Paula", a self indulgent album about feeling sooo bad about fucking 20 year olds that he dedicated to his ex.

Antonin Scalia, March 11
For this homophobic, racist, sexist twit, all I can say is, “BYE!”

Dishonorable Mentions: Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Mitch McConnell, Sam Taylor-Wood, Naughty Boy, Hunter Moore, Adam Levine, Trace Cyrus

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