LOL @ this movie.

Dakotas New Movie - Too Inappropriate?
Audiences are not ready to see Dakota raped in new Film.

Dakotas mother says this is Dakotas path to the oscars. Others say the movie is WAY too sexual for a 12 year old girl. It's been discussed here but the director finally speaks in an article below the cut. Movie will probably get a hard NC-17 rating (sry lil dakota fans!!!!).

In the movie Dakota:
-makes a boy drop his pants and promises him kisses
-Shares a bed with a fully naked grown man (played by David Morse)
-Tells two kids to take of their clothes at gunpoint and wraps a snake around them (lol)
-Is Raped by a boy who promises her Elvis tickets
-Walks around in her underwear a lot

Sounds like bad fanfic to me.


Edit: lol @ ppl comparing this to Taxi Driver. GTFO