Laura Prepon says she "injected herself with a bunch of hormones" out of desperation for good looks.

Laura Prepon is promoting her new nutrition and weight management book, The Stash Plan, and is sharing her own experiences with trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

When asked what advice she would give young actresses just starting out she said: "It's a tough question for me because I went through all of this, and because I totally understand that girls would go through the thing of torturing themselves with crash diets, and I like injected myself with a bunch of hormones and all these crazy things because I was so desperate to look a certain way - which totally ended up backfiring - but I think honestly, not to sound cliché, but I would really be like, 'Truly embrace who you are. Embrace every curve and embrace everything about yourself.' Because when you look at a show like Orange, all these women are so gorgeous and we all look so vastly different, and our show just celebrates individuality so much, and I would honestly just say like, 'Watch that show and really just be comfortable with who you are and embrace it, because there's only one you.'"