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Fact Checking this week's People vs OJ: American Crime Story

This week's episode was directed by John Singleton, and he's stated how emotional it was for him in several scenes as he hasn't worked with Cuba Gooding Jr since Boyz n the Hood. But let's dive into what was fact and what was for drama in this week's episode.

-,Cochran was pulled over by two officers in 1979 who had their guns drawn. They didn't cuff him, but everything else went down the same.

- It's never been concretely proven that Furhman owned Nazi paraphenilia, but it's definitely widely believed with reports from several colleagues.

-Hodgman did not pass out in the middle of the trial. He did have to pull out of the trial due to health issues though, and Shapiro even joked that they would have to “take [Hodgman] out on a stretcher." after Ito advised Hodgman to take some deep breaths after opening statements.

-Arsenio Hall did send Ito a fan letter.

-OJ did yell at Darden to get off his bench during visits to his home. Cochran denies claims that art belonging to him was used to spruce up OJ's house. If anything, they just made it look lived in. In contrast, Nicole's apartment had been stripped of all personality and furniture which didn't leave a good impression on the jurors.

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