Hayley Atwell hints at a possible Season 3 for Agent Carter

With the season finale of Agent Cater airing today and the ratings doing not so well Hayley Atwell speaks up on the possibility of season 3 and balancing her newest ABC pilot Conviction saying "It's something I've tried not to entertain too much. There is a chance, from what I know, if both shows get picked up, I'll be doing both. Until I know one way or the other, I can't jump for joy or grieve. I am hearing at this point that we don’t know anything and we won’t know until the Upfronts in May. As is common knowledge, I am going to film another ABC pilot called Conviction. ABC has assured me that it would be actually possible, if both shows get picked up, for me to do both. So by saying yes to the pilot of Conviction does not automatically say that that’s it for Peggy and Jarvis at all. "

What did you think of the season finale?