Help Kickstart "Trust No One", with Simon Kassianides, Brett Dalton, and Caitriona Balfe

Agents of SHIELD's Simon Kassianides (who's also appeared in multiple movies and shows over the years) has started a Kickstarter for his movie, Trust No One, set to star his former co-star Brett Dalton and Outlander actress Caitriona Balfe (who plays the female lead). More casting announcements are expected in the coming weeks. Many rewards are being offered for contributing so check Kickstarter to see what they are.

As of the time I've submitted this, $21,533 of the $65,000 goal has been raised already!

Description of the movie:

'Trust No One' is a film that sits squarely in the action thriller genre. Seemingly ordinary 'Ben' and 'Amber' have highly sensitive and very much sought after information in their possession. Information that has had them running for their lives. We’re introduced to them right before an exchange that promises to provide them with a lot of money but more importantly - their freedom.

The logline:

Ben has intel people have killed for trying to get at. With time and choices running out...there really is nobody left to trust.

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