Rihanna liked a tweet , people are assuming it is a shade towards beyonce

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As this screenshot is showing , Rihanna liked this tweet , then the person who tweeted it deleted it , that's why it's not showing in her liked tweets anymore .
People are assuming that it's a shade toward Beyonce , who released Formation , which has yet to enter the billboard hot 100, but peaked at 8 in the Bubbling under 100 (chart position after the 100 first songs) . Desperado is a song from Rihanna's last album who isn't a single ,  but is #7 in the billboard bubbling under .

Formation wasn't up for sale but it was up for streaming and radio airplay , which make a 65% total of the chart position in the Hot 100 .

Source: My screenshot , Source

Do you think she was shading Bey Ontd ?
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