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Haikus with Hotties Calendar

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Since you guys are unable to read, I have filled this post with pics.

'Haiku with Hotties' is a successful kickstarter calendar campaignthat features some Asian hotties along with their own written haikus (theyre not really good but if youre buying it for words you might as well get a shitty calender tbh). It had a small goal of about $1000 and had at least doubled before the due date

The calender has been bought by both men and women, and has support from the LBTQ community

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The kickstarter was started to show people that there is interest in a project that involved asian men* (*freddie wong not included). In addition to receiving your very own copy of the calender, another one would be sent to Hollywood casting agencies with a note telling them "cast these hot Asian-American male actors in their upcoming projects."

godfrey gao harpers bazaar men thailand ss15 01b
Now! The calender is available at their site, click here

danielmango1 jpg?w=1000
Hotties include such people as Godfrey Gao, Daniel Henney (and his dog!), The Sudarso Brothers and more! (There is also Freddie Wong, idk what he is doing in this, they couldve got like John Cho, Bruno Mars, Enrique, Tyson Beckford, Booboo Steward, Harry Shum Jr,  or something tbh)

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Fun Fact: Did you know, the one of Hollywood's earliest sex symbol was an Asian man? His name was Sessue Hayakawa
ty @ burntbussy for messaging about this.

ONTD, are you attracted to men of colour? are you attracted to them in a non-fetishizing way tho?

Ummmmm post hot guys i guess?
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