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Gymnastics: Sophina DeJesus' appearance on Ellen, new Seniors to watch, new Mckayla interview!

- Was on Ellen once before as a tiny kiddo dancer.
- Talks about how her sister helped her choreograph the routine.
- Ellen knows nothing about gymnastics so she asked if Sophina iss going to the Olympics smh. But Sophina is chill and says her priorities have shifted on to college.
- The UCLA team is on the front row supporting her!! Including Queens Peng Peng and Danusia.

Laurie Hernandez was 13 when she first burst on the elite scene with the routine in the first half of that video. She's turning 16 this year and recently placed top 3 in fitness/skills testing at the Karolyi ranch.

Ragan Smith, coached by Kim Zmeskal. Watch for the original skill on 0:42.

Norah Beam

A video posted by @chows_gym on

Norah Flatley is coached by Liang Chow (former coach of Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas), which means she is very good at beam. For some reason the US seems weaker on beam now, so Norah has a good chance of making the team, depending on the rest of her upgrades. She was injured last year so she missed her last year of junior competition, but hopefully that means she was able to train and get upgrades in time for this year. She's my fave, because I'm immediately obligated to love all of Chow's gymnasts.

Except when he makes them do this:

I am supporting Jeb Bush! He is a serious leader and has great experience on education

A photo posted by @chows_gym on


Where apparently she will be spilling some tea.

YT: Ellen, NastiaFan101Take12, USAG, GymCastic. IG: chows_gym: 1, 2

Happy for college gym to be receiving mainstream coverage but Simone Biles still hasn't been on Ellen. When she wins the AA this summer I hope she gets to ride in on the Ellen stage on a float.
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