An ONTD Original: Pop Stars Best and Worst GRAMMY looks

lady gaga 2010 grammys 0 jpg?itok=ma GI03 K8

Best: 2010 GRAMMYs (Peak Gaga)
Lady Gaga

Tonight is GRAMMY night. Let's look back on our fave's best and worst looks*!

Worst: 2011 GRAMMYs (by default, I guess)
Pictures Lady Gaga Egg Womb 2011 Grammy Awards 2

Best: 2013 GRAMMYs (classy, a vision of beauty!)
Rihanna dress1

Worst: 2007 GRAMMYs (Sears, Project Runway eliminated design)
singerrih gregg 15479057 max jpg?itok=786k B q A


Best: 2004 GRAMMYs (hair, make up, gold, tacky, beauty)
beyonce grammys 2004 3 1423162541

Worst: 2013 GRAMMYs (hair, make up, IG boutique dress)

Katy Perry

Best: 2013 GRAMMYs (hair, simple dress, boobs)
Katy Perry took 2013 Grammys red carpet storm da

Worst: 2012 GRAMMYs (ugly hair, ugly dress, nice colour tho)
katy perry and blue hair style red carpet dress

Taylor Swift

Best: 2013 GRAMMYs (Beautiful gown, a cute look )

Worst: 2008 GRAMMYs (horrible dress)
Taylor Swift Fashion Grammys 2008

Britney Spears

Best: 2000 GRAMMYs (lovely dress, beauty & GLAMOUR)
cos 06 grammys britney mdn 2000

Worst: 2002 GRAMMYs (1st runner up at your local beauty pageant)
rs 634x1024 150204154832 rs 634x1024 15012812050

Christina Aguilera

Best: 2007 GRAMMYs (hair, make up, BEAUTY, yasssss )
Couldn't find an unbanned HQ img of the full look.
43170d1171512501 christina aguilera 49th annual

Worst: 2004 GRAMMYs (orange, brows, make up, hair, dress)
rs 634x1024 150128131140 634 christina aguilera


Best: 2012 GRAMMYs (simple, beauty, red lip)

Worst: 2009 GRAMMYs: (who is she)
singerade steve 16529415 max jpg?itok=e Gmyk DTm

src: me (imo)*, google