Coldplay/Beyoncé's new MV is "reminiscent of the West's myopic view of India"

Coldplay (feat. Beyoncé) just released their latest MV, for the song Hymn for the Weekend. The video was shot in Mumbai, India, last October.

There was a big deal in Indian media over an appearance by Bollywood A-lister Sonam Kapoor in the video, but it turns out she's in it for a total of 2 seconds (3:36-3:37). Now she's getting dragged ("I guess the director agrees with us about Sonam's acting skills", says DNA India). The broadsheet did not have a kind view of the MV overall or Beyoncé's part in it:

The video’s visuals are reminiscent of the West's myopic view of India where poverty meets mysticism in Bollywood along with a mishmash of colours. Not that we had high hopes of that they would truly capturing the ethos of a different land. [...]

The video sees Chris do random desi stuff like travelling in a black and yellow taxi (getting overcharged, we assume) and playing instruments, while people around him play Holi. Beyonce is there playing a character called Rani who we assume is a film star (USA Today called her an earth goddess), but actually looks like Xerxes’ long lost sister with all the jewellery on her face reminiscent of Frank Miller’s 300.

Check the video out under the cut:

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How do you feel about this MV, ONTD?