Marvel CEO Donates $1M to That Comemierda Trump's Transparent Bid for Good Press

Fan art by Matt Stefani

Trump skipped out on the last GOP debate before the Iowa caucus and instead held a fundraiser for veterans at the same time. Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter and his wife were in attendance and donated $1 million to Trump's cause. Perlmutter's rep said, "The Perlmutters are thrilled to support their friend Donald Trump in his efforts to help veterans."

So maybe their donation isn't going directly to Trump*, but it's certainly helping his cause. And they already donated $2 million to Marco Rubio's campaign, and Marco Rubio is also a turd so...

Will you be boycotting Marvel? Skipping out on Deadpool? Writing to your senator about campaign finance reform?

UPDATE: The Federalist is reporting that donations from Trump's fundraiser last night are going to Trump's personal foundation. Pretty shady. Thanks mwffj

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