Men get butthurt over Barbie redesign, demand "Dad Bod Ken"

In case you missed the post yesterday Mattel has announced that they are now making more diverse Barbies. The new line has various options for dolls including different body types, seven different skin tones, twenty-two different eye colors and twenty-four different hairstyles making it easier for kids to find dolls that look like them.


While Mattel received a lot of praise about the new variety of dolls dudes quickly took over the conversation, because of course they did, demanding that Mattel also make a Dad Bod Ken.

For what it's worth, Mattel hasn't been unanimously praised either. Kelsey Miller of Refinery29 officially dubbed the new dolls as problematic™.

"Just like OG Barbie, Curvy Barbie is problematic," she claimed. "First of all, she's curvy, a somewhat dated euphemism for all plus-size women, implying that if you're not thin, then you'd better be a voluptuous hour glass."

How emotionally invested are you in the dolls of your fictional children?