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Nate Parker's past mired with rape accusation

Nate Parker and Friend were accused of date rape while students at PSU

The Women's Law Project sued Penn State on behalf of a former female student who went to police in 1999 to say that she was raped by two university wrestlers, identified as Jean Celestin and Nate Parker.

The female student also said the two men began stalking her.

"They followed her. They called her names. They publicized her name. They tortured her. And the school's response was a slap on the wrist," said Frietsche.

The university allowed the two men to remain in school and as members of the wresting team under scholarships.

Both men were charged. Parker was acquitted, but a jury found Celestin guilty and he was sentenced to six months in jail after receiving letters of support from university administrators.

A few words from his mother...
In October of that year, just before Parker's sophomore season, he and a teammate were charged with rape and sexual assault of an 18-year-old Penn State student.

"It was one of the most challenging moments of our lives," Whitfield said. "I stayed on my knees, praying and staying close to him. I wanted him to turn to God."

Parker did.

A night of drinking and promiscuity had led to that terrible accusation - the woman claiming she had passed out and had not consented to sex with Parker and his teammate.

"Even though he didn't rape her, he chose to be with her without even really knowing her," his mom said. "So he needed to repent. And he did. We all prayed together as a family." LOL!

His co-accused (and convicted) in the rape case would be the same Jean McGianni Celestin who is credited as one of the film's writers (the other being Parker). I know ONTD is in love with him but they tend to forget that he is a homophobic asshole who stated that he would never play a gay characters.

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