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'Outsiders' premieres tonight on WGN America

Outsiders debuts tonight on WGN America at 9/8c. The series, which has been described as Mad Max meets Little House on the Prairie, is about a family that has lived off the gird in Appalachia for about 200 years. It stars Ryan Hurst, David Morse, Gillian Alexy, Joe Anderson and Kyle Gallner among others and Paul Giamatti serves as Executive Producer.

----- Kyle was intrigued right from the start when he read the script and ended up auditioning via video because he was filming The Finest Hours for three months on Boston and couldn't physically make it to an audition.
----- They liked him but were unsure about him physically for the part because they had a certain look in mind for the character. He ended up losing 15 lbs and growing that facial hair.
----- He says as the series progresses though you see him getting bigger from his time at the gym from filming.
----- Loved getting to play a character that wasn't much younger than he is since he's often cast in those roles (He's currently 29).
----- He actually based a lot of his character on his two year old son Oliver. Wonderment, good heart, etc.
----- The show is really physical and he was able to do all of his own stunts including riding an ATV through a convenience store.

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I've read some good things about this so far so I'm hoping that it does well. Definitely looking forward to the premiere tonight!
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