Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union on WWHL

- Jessica's 'freak' rating is 4.5. Gabrielle guessed 5.

- Gabrielle's celebrity hall pass is Smokey Robinson (today). Jessica guessed Barack Obama.

- If either of them were single, they both agree that Gabrielle would be the one who would have more game.

- Gabrielle's favourite way of relieving stress is sex. Jessica guessed right.

- Jessica's least favourite thing about social media is 'porn people tagging' her. Gabrielle guessed trolls.

On if Jessica would reprise her role as Susan Storm: "I would love to play the Invisible Woman again. I love those Marvel superhero movies. Or I'd love to play another [Marvel character]. You know, I think there are so many great characters. And there's, so far, not a lot of Latinas that are a part of that universe, so that would be cool. Bring it on."

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What is your 'freak' rating from 1 to 10, ontd?

Jessica Alba: "I was meant to feel ashamed if I tempted men. Then I stopped eating."

Trigger warning: this post concerns the topic of eating disorders.

- Grew up with a conservative family that restricted what she wore: "My mom would say, ‘You have a body and it’s very womanly, and people don’t understand that you’re 12. I wasn’t allowed to have my nalgas out, which is butt cheeks [in Spanish], but I was born with a giant booty, and they come out of everything. So, I didn’t get to wear normal things that all my friends wore because my nalgas were out.”

- Says she lost weight to get rid of her curvaceous shape. She wanted to look "more like a boy" in order to prevent tempting men.

- Says she, like many other actors and actresses, were preyed upon by Hollywood and many of the men in that industry felt entitled to her and her body.

- It wasn't until she had her first baby that she'd appreciate her body. Breastfeeding reminded her of what boobs really are for and it helped her come to terms with the fact that her body was not meant for men or anyone else.
"[Breast feeding] was the dopest shit I’d ever done. So, I came into my body as a woman finally and I stopped being ashamed of myself."


her ass is forever and always incredible and i'm happy she embraces it

Whatever happened to Tila Tequila?

I randomly thought about Tila Tequila today and realized I hadn't heard about her in a while so I started googling

-she now goes by the name Tornado Thien
-she had another baby who is about 6 months old or so. So now she has 2 kids, Isabella and Annabelle. No clue who the second dad is.

-she is super religious and talks about God and Jesus a lot

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Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie perform her #2 hit on The Voice!

Taylor Swift performed her new single on the finale of The Voice. Once again, she had colorful decorations and butterflies. BTS and the Jonas Brothers also performed.

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Can the old Taylor come to the phone right now?

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Research shows that women only speak 25% of lines on Game of Thrones

* On average, women have 30% of speaking time in general forms of popular media. It is about 25% for GOT.

* Women fared the best in Season 7 (31% of speaking time), and the worst in Season 8 (22%).

* The episode with the most female speaking time is S4E5 First of His Name which featured Cersei and Daenerys (still a bit under 50%). The episodes with the least are S1E7 You Win or You Die and S8E4 The Last of the Starks (under 20%).

* Women only had 20% of the dialogue in the series finale.

* A researcher notes that "You've got this misperception that because women are very visible, their bodies are very visible, that somehow equates to a meaningful statement, which doesn't necessarily have to be the case."

* Tyrion and Jon have by far the most lines of dialogue; Ned Stark, who died in Season 1, has more lines than Margaery, Melisandre and Missandei. Men make up nine of the top 15 characters with the most lines.

* A previous analysis revealed that the total screen time for all male characters was some 15% more than that given to the female cast. (Tellingly, the dialogue gap is even larger - women are shown, but not necessarily depicted as active agents.)

* Male characters tended to have more masculine-centred words in their lines, such as men, man, King, and Lord; for female characters, the more frequent words were love, leave, please, husband and master.

* Article also notes the show's issues with sex and violence towards women, and the controversy behind Daenerys's storyline.


Ellen DeGeneres announces the future of her talk show

Today after much speculation, Ellen DeGeneres announced the future of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Despite being visibly miserable on the show for at least the past two or three years and her complaints about how the show prevents her from having time to do things like stand-up, she decided to RENEW. She signed a contract extension and the Ellen DeGeneres Show will continue for three more years.


Survivor is Still On and its 40th Season is All Winners

-This season just started shooting and will air in next winter

-Under the spoiler is just the winners that are playing which don't spoil the game.

[Spoiler Winners Playing in Season 40]


Who is your fave Survivor winner ONTD?

Photos from Cannes 2019
Since there haven't been many Cannes fashion posts (understandably, tbh), I thought I'd throw together a post with some of the pics from the red carpet and parties that haven't been covered in other posts (i.e. Miles Teller with a mustache, Brad and Leo, etc). Click through the above pics to check out a handful of red carpet looks, and click the cut for more.

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This is by no means comprehensive, please add more pics in the comments. Do you have any fave looks from this year's festival?