Antoni Porowski talks about being fluid: " I’ve never really had a label for myself"


  • The Queer Eye reboot's food and wine specialist, Antoni Porowski (34), talks about being fluid: "For me personally, I’ve never really had a label for myself. Today I’m gay, I’m in a gay relationship, and that’s where I am. That’s good enough for me."

  • Antoni, who is currently dating photographer Joey Krietemeyer, says he's always been a bit more "fluid along the spectrum."

  • In his early twenties, he'd say he was bisexual, but then questioned the definition of being attracted to just men and women. What if he wanted to like something else?

  • Antoni initially whispered the word "queer" in his show's name because of residual feelings left over from childhood. He felt the word was taboo.

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Alanis Morissette switches up her signature locks for new style


The singer has been working on her Broadway show, an adaption of her iconic album "Jagged Little Pill." The album cranked out hit after hit and is a gem to people with taste to this day, appearing on numerous best-album lists, and paving the way for other acts like Avril, Tracy Bonham, Meredith Brooks, P!nk, Michelle Branch, etc.
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Ontd, what's your fav Alanis song?

What's going wrong with sci-fi?🤔

"What's going wrong with sci-fi?"

Esquire UK wants to know what's up with the sci-fi genre.

  • Article begins with a qoute from Ridley Scott: "One of the problems with science fiction is the fact that everything is used up. [...] So what you try to do is lean more heavily on the story and the characters."

  • The article's position is that recent releases are not focusing on the story and characters.

  • Notes the Netflix films, Mute (directed by Duncan Jones!) and The Titan (starring Sam Worthington), both of which received horrible reviews; and the Netflix series Lost In Space, which people have been criticizing.

  • Mentions Annihilation's whitewashing controversy and mixed reviews (EDIT: the author wrote "middling reviews", my bad), like when it was called "a beautiful heap of nonsense." whoever said that needs to take it back

  • Argues that some recent-ish releases got it right: Arrival (2016), Inception (2010) or Interstellar (2014),

  • Ponders why Blade Runner 2049 failed at the box office; is it because of the way we consume technology, which has demystified it?

  • Author writes that, "Science fiction triumphs when it reminds us what is at risk of being lost or left behind on earth."

  • Offers some ideas on why the sci-fi genre is lacking nowadays - could be characters, oversaturation, or that in our everyday lives we're worried about "the moral and societal implications of technology right now" I get this tbh

  • Says that Black Mirror succeeds because it "focuses on human at the heart of it all."


Thought this was a decent read, discuss???🤔

Christina Aguilera on Carpool Karaoke!

-Christina Aguilera was on Carpool Karaoke tonight (April 23) to perform some of her classic hits instead of new music!

-They sang along to Fighter, Dirrty, Genie In a Bottle, and Beautiful.

-Melissa Mccarthy stopped by as the special guest.

-The “Stripped” singer also taught James and Melissa how to be divas and gave a vocal warm up that slaughtered all the other pop girls.

-Still no album in sight.

She looks amazing and sounds great, but where is the album Xtina?? Side note: this is my first post! Thanks mods

Allison Mack Really Wanted Emma Watson in Her Sex Cult

A follow-up to this post

Smallville actress Allison Mack sent tweets to Emma Watson in 2016, trying to entice her to join a "women's movement" to which she belonged. Mack was charged with sex trafficking and forced labor on Friday in connection with her role as second-in-command of sex cult NXIVM ("nexium") and is currently in jail.

It is alleged that women who joined NXIVM's "secret sisterhood" were initially told it was an international women's group dedicated to empowerment, but were instead branded as "slaves" with a combination of Mack's initials and those of leader Keith Raniere, subjected to starvation diets and beatings, and made to pose for nude photographs that were used to blackmail them into having sex with Raniere and keeping quiet.

She tried again a month later:

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Kerry Washington on the cover of Essence