DOCTOR WHO 60th Anniversary Special: Jacqueline King returning. Set videos confirm theories.

- Set pics have confirmed that Jacqueline King (Sylvia Noble, Donna's mom) will also be returning for the 60th anniversary special.

[The pics]

- First look at Yasmin Finney (Heartstopper) on set, as the new companion.

[Video of Yasmin on set]

- Filming pics have also confirmed a theory about the identity of Rose.

[Rose identity revealed.]- During a scene, Donna's husband called for her name and Rose yelled mom. Confirming Yasmin Finney's character is Donna's daughter, and she probably named her Rose cause her memory vault is leaking and coming back.

- Tennant will be using a new screwdriver and a new costume confirming that [Spoiler (click to open)]he will not be playing the 10 doctor, but the 14th doctor (or an alt doctor like the War doctor, the metacrisis doctor or Ruth), who just happens to have Tennant's face.

This also confirms previous reddit spoilers about Jodie 'back-regenerating' into Tennant in the Centenary special (there are many 'back-regenerations' into previous doctors according to the leak actually), and then eventually the doctor regenerates into Nguti.

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Kelly Clarkson to release “Kellyoke” EP + Happier Than Ever

Kelly Clarkson gives us a taste of her upcoming covers EP “Kellyoke” allegedly out in early June. She has dropped her studio version of Billie Eilish song “happier than ever”.

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Source 1 2-apple music screenshot

I don’t think she has officially announced this project yet? The rollout has been a little odd.

Depp vs. Heard: Walter Hamada, a witness that follows a Depp stan account, and more testify

Depp vs. Heard continues, and Amber’s teams have now rested their case. They will not call forward any more witnesses, and will use their remaining time to cross examine Depp’s.

Today, Depp’s team tried to get Amber’s countersuit thrown out, but failed. Walter Hamada, the controversial president of DC films, disputed Amber and her agent’s claims that her role was reduced due to “chemistry issues.” A few others also testified, but the most noteworthy was Morgan Night, who claims to have witnessed the Hicksville incident, but was called out for his social media activity in regards to Depp and That Umbrella Guy.

At the end of the day in court, we were also able to hear evidence from pre-taped depositions that was not shown to the jury. This evidence involved reports from Amber, notes, and communications that supported her claims against Depp.

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OP Note: This started out as a relatively brief post until I fell down the Morgan Night and Jennifer Howell rabbitholes. What an absolute mess.

Sending lots of love and support to all those struggling with this case, I understand the feeling completely <3

Believe survivors.

Britney Spears meets with The Weeknd and Sam Levinson!

Back in Nov, Britney had mentioned doing a bit in a movie called "The Idol". And then The Weeknd had mentioned an HBO series called "The Idol". At the time a few people (myself included) had wondered if there was a connection between the two without much confirmation.

Personally I do remember seeing The Weeknd liking or tweeting fanart of him and Britney last year but still no confirmation until today!

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I'm so excited and curious for Britney I could crash my bike!!


Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor play 'Agree to Disagree'

Some highlights:
- They talk about how lightsabers were made differently during the Prequels (out of metal) and had to be fixed often by a guy named Thomas. They missed the old ones while filming Kenobi.
- Ewan talks a bit about his motorbike love. Hayden mentions his first time riding a bike was actually with Ewan in London, apparently he was very fast.
- George Lucas's son Jett introduced jalapeno with pineapple pizza to Hayden and now he really likes it. Proposes to cook one for Ewan to change his mind and pull him over to the 'agree' side for pineapple on pizza.
- They both like Obi-Wan's mullet look, it's a Bee Gees Jedi according to Ewan. Hayden still has some of Anakin's Padawan braids.

Source: LADbible TV

These two are so absolutely overjoyed to be working together again, it's very sweet
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Katy Perry congratulates Rihanna on the birth of her baby boy

Katy Perry congratulated Rihanna on the birth of her baby boy while talking to Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t have any advice, I just have full on congratulations. It’s the best decision that I was ever able to make, and I know she’s just in pure bliss right now. So congrats, girl,” Katy said.

Artist: Joe Roberts

Bisexual representation in the 2000s

It's got everything:
-Punk rock morphing into Emo.
- Britney, Christina, and Katey kissing girls...and liking it!
-Beta male misogyny (we see you Brandon Urie and Pete Wentz!)
- So.Much.Queerbaiting.
- Bisexual chic redux.
-Faux gay and bi transgression for fun and profit.
- Everybody forgets the 20s and the 70s!
- Capitalism, capitalism, capitalism!
And so much more.


Celebrities React to Texas School Shooting

🆕 2️⃣ UPDATE
An 18 year old student at the local high school first attempted to kill his grandmother (she’s alive but in critical condition) then went to Robb Elementary School and killed 19 elementary students and 2 adults Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas. Then he barricaded himself inside a classroom. He was subsequently killed by responding officers.

▪️ This latest incident of weaponized terrorism happened 10 days after a racially motivated shooting in Buffalo NY where the gunman live-streamed his attack at a supermarket. He killed 10 Black people and injured 3 other people, before being taken into custody. He was charged with first degree murder in NY and the DOJ is pursuing hate crime charges.

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New Books Hitting Shelves This Week

Neruda on the Park

The Guerreros have lived in Nothar Park, a predominantly Dominican part of New York City, for twenty years. When demolition begins on a neighboring tenement, Eusebia, an elder of the community, takes matters into her own hands by devising an increasingly dangerous series of schemes to stop construction of the luxury condos. Meanwhile, Eusebia’s daughter, Luz, a rising associate at a top Manhattan law firm who strives to live the bougie lifestyle her parents worked hard to give her, becomes distracted by a sweltering romance with the handsome white developer at the company her mother so vehemently opposes.

As Luz’s father, Vladimir, secretly designs their retirement home in the Dominican Republic, mother and daughter collide, ramping up tensions in Nothar Park, racing toward a near-fatal climax.

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