Gwendoline Christie felt beautiful for the first time on screen in Wednesday

The actress revealed for ew that playing principal Larissa Weems on hit series Wednesday, was the first time she felt beautiful on screen, with her real personality shining through.

Due to her height, she was always on roles that depicted her as dirty, tough or not that aesthetically eye pleasing, but as Weems she was seen very feminine and glammed up.

Other notorious roles of her are Brienne in game of thrones and Lucifer in sandman.

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ONTD Original: Rita Ora, a style retrospective

To commemorate of the ascension of ONTD's new favorite pop chanteuse by hostile takeover, OP wanted to explore the fashion moments that have marked this illustrious artist's magnanimous 10-year career.

Over the course of this invesgation, OP discovered that Ms. Rita Ora has modeled her looks and lifestyle after another iconique talent (whose long-time partner is himself a pillar of ONTD).

Please enjoy this presentation as if it were being given on one of those old timey photo projectors.

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OP hopes you all enjoyed this journey through this dissertation defense in ONTD-U's pop history graduate program!

Danny Masterson Rape Trial Declared a Mistrial After Jurors Are Unable to Come to Unanimous Verdict

Danny Masterson's rape trial has been declared a mistrial.

Count 1 (Jen B): 2 for guilty, 10 for not guilty

Count 2 (NT): 4 for guilty, 8 for not guilty

Count 3 (CB): 5 for guilty, 7 for not guilty

Retrial will happen in 2023.

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Inside Ellen Pompeo’s Midcentury Malibu Beach House | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Today Architectural Digest is welcomed to Malibu by Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo for a tour of her inviting mid-century beach house. Pompeo first went to scope out the property several years earlier, when the house was originally up for sale and Grey’s was still in its infancy. “I knew I couldn’t afford it, but I didn’t tell anyone that,” she confesses. When the house came back on the market in 2013, she seized the second chance. As her fans know, Pompeo is a bona fide interior-design enthusiast whose past renovations include a modern barn in Sag Harbor and her main residence, a 1920s Mediterranean-style villa in Los Angeles. The addition of her Malibu home has only added fuel to the fire. “I am entering a very exciting phase of my life, if I do say so myself.”


Good Morning America co-anchors allegedly had a Consensual Workplace Relationship

Amy Robach and T.J Holmes (Well I recognize him at least), both have (had?) separate marriages but were also caught canoodling on a romantic getaway, and have since shut down their personal instagrams.

A source told PEOPLE that Holmes and Robach's GMA colleagues were somewhat surprised to see the new photos.

"There were rumors they were having an affair about a year ago," the source says. " you can see there's a mutual affection there. But everyone ultimately chalked it up to friendship because they always said they were both happily married."

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Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac Has Passed Away

The band Fleetwood Mac was formed in 1967; Christine McVie joined in 1970 and was once married to band mate John McVie

She died on November 30 at age 79 in hospital, surrounded by family. Cause of death unknown but it was said to be a short illness.

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RIP Songbird

(I’ll add band reactions as they come in)

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[HOTD] Daemon & Rhaenyra Targaryen

Tom Holland and Zendaya are reportedly engaged

* The British Tom Holland and the American Zendaya have finally got engaged, according to reports from several close sources and other United States media that have been spreading the news during the last hours.

* Tom and Zendaya were already thinking about taking the next step in their relationship and “settling down” and “planning a future together”, so they have agreed to get engaged.

* The actors met while working on Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2016 and romance rumors quickly followed. However, there wasn't a direct confirmation of them dating until July 2021, when they were spotted kissing.


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