First meetings, first sex, and first disappointments on Before The 90 Days

Time for another 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days recap to make you feel good about your dating life choices!

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Art Spiegelman reveals Marvel tried to censor his essay on the history of anti-fascism in comics

  • Spiegelman is a cartoonist best known for his pulitzer prize winning winning work Maus, a graphic novel depicting his father's experiences surviving the holocaust

  • Spiegelman was asked to write a forward for a compilation of Golden Age comics published by the Folio Society

  • His forward talked about the influential work that Jewish writers did and how comics were important in depicting fascists as villains

  • The Folio Society said the Marvel Comics (who was co-publishing) wanted Spiegelman to censor a line because they are apolitical

  • This is the portion of the essay that they wanted to censor: In today’s all too real world, Captain America’s most nefarious villain, the Red Skull, is alive on screen and an Orange Skull haunts America. International fascism again looms large (how quickly we humans forget – study these golden age comics hard, boys and girls!) and the dislocations that have followed the global economic meltdown of 2008 helped bring us to a point where the planet itself seems likely to melt down. Armageddon seems somehow plausible and we’re all turned into helpless children scared of forces grander than we can imagine, looking for respite and answers in superheroes flying across screens in our chapel of dreams.

  • The Guardian published Spiegelman's essay in full


'are you the one?' s08e10: 'it all comes down to jax' promo

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major revelations are in store for tonight. getcha snacks, gird your loins hearts.
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How Dogs Are Trained For TV And Movies | Movies Insider

Teresa Ann Miller is a Hollywood animal trainer and coordinator whose resume includes movies like "A Dog's Way Home," "White God," and "Lethal Weapon." She most recently worked on “The Art of Racing in the Rain,” starring Kevin Costner, Milo Ventimiglia, Amanda Seyfried, and an army of golden retrievers. Miller explained how she gets dogs ready for big scenes, how an actor can best earn a dog’s trust, and why dogs are uniquely fit for the silver screen. “The Art of Racing in the Rain” is now in theaters.


favorite tv/film dog?? 🐶

Can Taylor Swift Do It Again?

HITS breaks down the current sales climate and assesses if Taylor can once again sell 1 million first week with Lover, due out Friday

•Her previous four albums opened with over 1 million units sold, she's the only artist to do so (NSYNC, BSB, and Eminem all have two)
•The market has shifted dramatically–even in just the 1.5 years since reputation was released
•Points to Drake as an example – Views opened in 2016 with 1.04m sold (852k pure) and two years later, Scorpion "only" sold 732k (with only 160k pure, a loss of 692k pure units sold). Scorpion, did, however, break the record for most album streams in a single week (746 million).
•Through July, YTD digital album downloads are down 43% vs. the same period in 2017
•Digital downloads made up 58% of reputations first week (over 700k)
•Industry observers are forecasting 200-250k digital downloads for Lover – they see it as being impossible to repeat her sales with reputation
•Despite her retail partnership with Target, physical sales are down 30% since reputation dropped
•Streaming is up 80% in the last two years
•The tracks released from Lover so far have generated a "respectable" 250 million streams to date
•Ariana Grande had 500 million streams from pre-release singles leading up to thank u, next (the album); the album was streamed 307 million times in its first week
•They say she would need to have streams on par with Ariana to come close to 1 million
•They don't actually end up saying if they think she'll do it or not, but the odds are seemingly against her
•ONTD will seethe either way!


Elton John reveals he made a 'carbon neutral' donation on Prince Harry and Meghan's behalf

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been heavily criticised for travelling on a private plane four times in just 11 days amid their campaigning about the environment

Sir Elton John has defended the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's use of private jets - and said he paid to carbon offset their trip to his French home.


Practical Magic prequel among three series ordered at HBO Max

A Practical Magic prequel series, based on the books by Alice Hoffman (Rules of Magic was released in 2017, and is currently available for $1.99 for the Kindle on Amazon), will focus on three troubled siblings - Franny, Jet, and Vincent Owens, who deal with being part of a bloodline of witches in 1960s New York. Franny and Jet will become the aunts we know in Practical Magic while Vincent leaves an unexpected legacy behind. 10 scripts have been ordered.

Generation, created by a seventeen year old named Zelda Barnz, follows a group of high schoolers who will explore modern sexuality. Unfortunately, Lena Dunham is also involved.

Red Bird Lane is a YA series and deals with psychological horror. Eight strangers arrive at a house and encounter something sinister.