Need something to watch this weekend? Here are 5 horror movies currently streaming

Happy Saturday, ONTD! Need something to watch? I selected a variety of horror movies that I think are pretty good, and all are made after the year 2000. *apologies in advance for those outside the US who may not be able to access these films* Feel free to comment with any currently-streaming horror movies that you'd rec!

If you want something with mystery...
Dark Water (2002)
A mother and her 6 year old daughter move into a creepy apartment whose every surface is permeated by water.
Currently streaming on: Prime; Shudder

If you want a thriller...
Identity (2003)
Stranded at a desolate Nevada motel during a nasty rain-storm, ten strangers become acquainted with each other when they realize that they're being killed off one by one.
Currently streaming on: Sony Crackle

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Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox arrive Cabo after emergency landing


- Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox landed in Cabo
- They were on a private plane to Mexico with some friends to celebrate Jennifer's birthday
- The plane had to make an emergency landing after it lost one of the rear tires during take off

ONTD, ever been on a plane that was forced to make an emergency landing?

Beck has filed for divorce from Marissa Ribisi


-Singer Beck has filed for divorce from actress Marissa Ribisi
-They have been married for 14 years and have 2 children, 14-year-old Cosimo and an 11 year-old Tuesday
-She's Giovanni Ribisi's twin sister
-Both Beck and Marissa are second-generation Scientologist

Netflix's 'Dating Around' might be the anti-Bachelor


  • The show takes place in NYC. Producers set out to capture an authentic snapshot of modern dating.

  • Each episode runs for about 25 minutes and follows an eligible bachelor/ette on five blind dates. In the end, the main dater shows up for a second encounter—with just one of their matches.

  • The show has a diverse cast that includes a 36-year-old Punjabi divorcee, an elderly widower, and a "gaysian."

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ONTD, how is your dating life?

Céline Dion In Financial Dispute Over Unpaid Commission

  • Céline Dion is being sued by ICM Partners and Rob Prinz for not paying commission for a tour deal according to an internal memo

  • The deal is allegedly a 500 million deal she signed for in 2017

  • Celine was being represented by Rob Prinz (they had worked together for 30 years) who is a head of ICM Partners

  • They dropped her as a client

  • Celine's management, CDA Productions, says that the allegation that Céline and her team refuse to pay the commission is not true

  • CDA also says that Rob Prinz and ICM did not drop her, Céline "terminated them in writing in May 7 2018"

  • Céline says that her team has tried to make various different "generous" offers to ICM and Rob Prinz

tell em sis!
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#TunaPunchChallenge: Ladies of The Real Give their Verdict

Miss Houghton disgusted Twitter and parts of the internet with her weird food combinations and notably her fruit punch and tuna salad recipe.

While others remain skeptic, she talks into her fellow The Real cohosts into trying the mix, and they give their honest opinions.

Adrienne compares the sweet and savory mix like syrup with bacon and jam with sausage.

Are you curious to try this mix now?

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The Weeknd celebrates his birthday with girlfriend Bella Hadid .

1 minute til my favorite day of the year.... @theweeknd

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The Weeknd celebrated his 29th birthday with a camo theme.
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Video featuring his muse.

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'Umbrella Academy': A Guide to Netflix's Bizarre New Superheroes

- It was originally optioned as a movie more than ten years ago;
- Has 10 episodes that spans multiple timelines and multiple genres;
- The article walks through the characters at the center of the story.

Did you watch The Umbrella Academy, ONTD?

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