Preity Zinta on #Metoo "You are treated the way you want to be"

She says it's a good movement and glad we're talking about it but a small percentage of women use it for personal vendettas or publicity.
Says she doesn't believe sexual harrassment is a problem only in bollywood and believes it's much worse in other industries.
When asked if she has experienced harrassment says 'I wish I had' (???)
However OP is confused because this year she lodged complaint against industrialist Ness Wadia for sexually assaulting her, but maybe she doesn't count that because it didn't happen to her at work/by a boss or colleague?
IDK watch the interview OP is baffled.
Even victims aren't above victim blaming :(

Cheryl performs 'Love Made Me Do It' live for the first time

The swan-diving chanteuse made her comeback on the X Factor this weekend performing her new Julia Michaels-esque bop, Love Made Me Do It. This marks Cheryl's first live performance in four years.



Blast from the nostalgia past! Rare Britney Spears performances from the 2000s surface

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of ...Baby One More Time but it seems that there's no shortage of unreleased material from Britney's prolific past. This week two performances from the olden times aka the early 2000s surfaced, where Britney performs You Drive Me (Crazy) and Stronger on her Oops tour in 2000 as well as a video of her performing Toxic on a high-school Christmas variety show in 2003. Peep Brit getting fed up with her production team and yelling at them to make her lift go up for the opening of the song at 0:50 #Bossyney.

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Demi Lovato Defends her Team

Demi Lovato is taking steps to ensure she maintains her sobriety and health and that includes cutting out toxic people, but fans arent sure.

Her fans expressed concern that she fired Dani Vitale (who was her backup dancer but no one's certain if its her), but kept some other people on her team who the fans called "rotten". Demi responded with, "You have no idea what you're talking about. True friends don't do interviews when you OD". No word on who she was referring to with that comment.

The Dani person spoke out while Demi was in hospital this summer saying she wasnt with her when she partied/ODed but was with her during recovery allegedly.

Demi also unfollowed Selena Gomez on word on why.


Tom Cruise dropped from Jack Reacher franchise after fan backlash, author Lee Child says

In a new Australian interview, author Lee Child doubles down on his decision to drop Tom Cruise from the Jack Reacher franchise. He says "fans have had enough of Tom Cruise and that's fair enough".

"Jack Reacher is like a lock forward from some rugby team. A big, ugly guy," Child said.

"So here's the big news: there won't be any more movies with Tom Cruise."

Cruise owns the rights. Clearly Lee's tactic here is to get Cruise out, but it's dangerous to call out one of the most powerful people in Hollywood.


This is a new interview, mods.

Little Mix say they exude too much power for men to sexually assault them, men are too scared to try

When asked about #MeToo movement, say they haven't dealth with any #MeToo moments because "Men are too scared" Jesy said, "men are intimidated by us". Jade added "When we walk into a room we're a force to be reckoned with, we exude so much power no one would dare try it."

screenshot of the article since it's behind a paywall

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Relieved for them but this is stupid.

Jerry.K and female rapper SLEEQ fire back at San E's "Feminist" track + San E responds

- Follow-up to this post!
- On November 17, Jerry.K replied to San E's "Feminist" song with diss track “No You Are Not” on the official YouTube channel of his label Daze Alive.
- Lyrics include: "I’m pretty sure you and I have both read at least one book / But with our outputs being so different, it must be an issue of hardware, right?" and "There was only one thing you said that was right, we are victims of patriarchy / But you know what’s sad, the people who made the patriarchy are men / Have you ever thought about all the sweet benefits you’ve reaped under it?"
- On November 18, female rapper SLEEQ, from Jerry.K's label, replied with her own diss track "Equalist".
- Lyrics include: "What you want is / For women to serve in the military, to split the bill on dates / To get rid of the subway seats reserved for pregnant women that only women can use / To get rid of parking lots designated only for women / For couples to split the costs equally when they get married / For women not to hate men, for there to be no reverse discrimination / To shut down Womad, to shut down Megal / For us to believe that you’re a little different / What I want is / For men not to kill women / For men not to rape women / For men not to assault women / For men not to blame the victims as they kill, rape, and assault them / For men not to push women out of the system while telling us to blame the system"
- Then, San E replied to Jerry.K with diss track "6.9 cm", where he calls Jerry.K an "opportunistic bastard". He also brings up the cancellation of his scheduled performance for an event of yoga wear brand XEXYMIX.
- Jerry.K replied that he is not writting a new song in response.

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He also brings up the cancellation of his scheduled performance for an event of yoga wear brand XEXYMIX.

his diss track is embarrassing lmao

Alexander Zverev defeats Novak Djokovic to win the ATP Finals

- defeats the current world #1 6-4, 6-3 to win the biggest title of his career at the age of 21
- prevents Djokovic from taking his sixth ATP Finals title (Federer stands alone with 6 titles)
- still hasn't made a GS semifinal

David Beckham with son Romeo were in attendance

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