Colin Firth says he won't work with Woody Allen again after Dylan Farrow gave her first TV interview

- Colin Firth is the latest actor to say he won't work with Woody Allen again. The actor sent a statement to the Guardian and said he wouldn't be doing any more projects with the pedophile. The actor worked with Allen on "Magic in the Moonlight" and even wore yellowface in the film.

- The actor could have avoided all of this by not working with him in the first place.


HTGAWM's Charlie Weber says Frank is "all in" with Laurel

In the midseason finale, we last saw Laurel laying in a pool of blood with her newborn struggling for breath right next to her. So when the show comes back [tonight] we'll find out about where the baby is and if the father of the baby is Wes or Frank. Charlie Weber says about the paternity of the baby, "I don't think it really matters to him," Weber says. "I think it's just completely about Laurel for him. He wants to be there in any capacity, regardless of who the father of the baby is."

Weber also talks about the relationship with Annalise and Frank, saying "You will see Frank and Annalise together in whatever capacity," Weber teases about that relationship. "I can assure you you'll see us in the same room at the very least. That is a sometimes very tumultuous relationship, and yes, Frank is still fighting to get back in there with her. Again, that's someone else he loves very much, and so that will be up to her whether she can let some things go or not."

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Episode/Discussion post for S04E09 - He's Dead


CBB Day 19: Not today Satan...not today.

-Rachel appreciates the boys always bringing the fun.

-Malika/Shane J./Jess discuss Ann being so against "touching" which leads to Shane J. confronting Ann about everything having to edit themselves around her. Ann thinks the house is to sensitive.

-Ann/Daniel win BB's competition for power to pull someone off the block and power over the house. (RIGGED! I TELL YOU!) Ann has saved Daniel from eviction and puts Maggie up in his place.

-Ann/Daniel winning means that men/women have to share bedrooms now since the power is now split in the middle.

-Malika thinks Ann/Rachel are very phony and she doesn't surround herself with phony women.

-Andrew changes his mind about his stance on Ann while Malika becomes more vocal about her dislike for Ann.

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AMC Facing Even More "Walking Dead" Lawsuits, Accuses CAA of "Greed"

The creator of AMC's highly successful Walking Dead, Frank Darabont (who was fired by the network back in 2011) and his talent agency, CAA, have filed yet another lawsuit against AMC. Already suing the network for $280 million that they say they have been shortchanged by AMC undervaluing its licensing fees when selling the show to itself, they are now asking for another $10 million.

Darabont and CAA say they have uncovered that they were scammed out of tens of millions more than they originally thought by AMC's "shady accounting practices" which included hiding evidence during the discovery phase of the legal proceedings by redacting a 2009 agreement they had made with Robert Kirkman, the creator of the comic books on which the series is based, without revealing they had done so. The agreement allegedly revealed that Kirkman's deal was better than Darabont's, even though Darabont had a "most favored nation" clause in his contract that entitled him to treatment no less favorable than any other TWD profit participant.

Darabont and CAA's lawyers are also claiming that they have uncovered "unreported" and "reduced" receipts from AMC (for things like submitting an $18,800 invoice for a Comic-Con TWD banner that actually cost $37,600) and $18 million in unreported electronic sales of the series on iTunes.

AMC's lawyer responded by placing all of the blame on mega-agency CAA: More on all the current lawsuitsCollapse )

Despite sharply falling ratings over the last year-and-a-half, The Walking Dead remains the highest-rated show on television in the key demographic that sets advertising prices and is hugely profitable; it airs in 125 countries and has hundreds of items of merchandising in stores at any given time.

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Who is the mystery celebrity in this advice podcast?


Dear Prudence is an online advice column in which readers write to "Prudence," aka the writer Mallory Ortberg, for advice on relationships, life, and whatever.

This week, Dear Prudence received a letter from a woman who has been having an affair with an unnamed male celebrity. Naturally, everyone is now trying to guess who the male celebrity is.

The letter aired on the DP podcast. The audio is here or here. Start at about 21:00. Prudence and her co-host think that it might be Jason Statham, Olivier Sarkozy, Alec Baldwin, Jeff Goldblum and Jeff Godlblum.

Transcription under the cut. Who is it?Collapse )

I know ONTD feels a certain type of way about blinds, but idc. I'm guessing Chris Martin.


“Love, Simon” soundtrack will include Khalid & Normani duet

The soundtrack also includes new songs from Bleachers, Troye Sivan, Amy Shark & Mø.

First single of the soundtrack already outCollapse )

Normani meeting Stargate managerCollapse )

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a slow duet with Khalid and a bop with Stargate. we love versatility

Kpop Post: ChungHa, JBJ,Samuel, A gay idol?