Enjoy Prison Pedophile! Teriyaki 69 Arrested On Racketeering & Firearms Charges!

  • Rapper Tabasco 69 was arrested last night in a major joint bust by ATF, NYPD and the Department of Homeland Security.

  • He was arrested on multiple charges of racketeering and firearms charges.

  • His ex-manager Shottie was also arrested; Taliban 69 recently just fired his entire team including this manager.

  • Last week, Tempura 69 was on the Breakfast Club and said he only feared two things, God and the FBI.

  • Just last month, Tekasi was ordered to serve 4 years probation in connection with a Child Sex Case. He was told to stay on the straight and narrow or he would end up in prison. Here's hoping he has to serve those 4 years on top of whatever sentence the Feds give him so we never have to hear from him again!


God is good

Taylor Swift Signs New Record Deal with Republic/Universal

- Taylor Swift announced today she has left Big Machine Records, the label that originally discovered her, for Republic Records and Universal Music Group
- Swift will own her masters for any new albums she creates, but Big Machine still owns her masters for her previous albums
- Asked in her contract that any sale of Universal's Spotify shares results in a distribution of money to artists-- not just the label
- Thanks Scott Borchetta for believing in her at 14 years old, and she's already started working on the next album
- No word on how much the deal was worth, but people were estimating it to be the biggest recording deal in history with a $150 million advance
- Press Release and Instagram post below
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Ellie Goulding returns with "Close to Me" (x Diplo feat. Swae Lee)

Three years after the release of her third studio album Delirium, Ellie Goulding returns with "Close to Me." The song, produced by Diplo, Ilya, Alvaro, and Bas van Daalen, also features vocals by Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd.

In an interview with Zach Sang, Goulding described "Close to Me" as a standalone record, intended to signal her official return to music but not necessarily indicative of her next album's sound. When pressed for details on the album, she stated that it will be much shorter than Delirium, the standard edition of which had 16 tracks, and center on themes of female empowerment and independence.

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Favorite Ellie song(s), ONTD?

Meghan and Harry facing 'tax nightmare'

- Meghan is still an American citizen,

- it will take several years for her to get British citizenship,

- she still has to pay taxes in the USA,

- she has to fill in how much she saves on rent and receives in gifts from the royal family,

- Harry's money could be also liable for tax since they are also available to Meghan,

- Charles and Elizabeth provide funding for the couple so American tax office could ask also about their income and money they have,

- Buckingham Palace is reportedly recruiting a team of US financial experts to deal with the issue.

source: twitter

ontd, would you marry a foreigner?

Riverdale Roundup: First Look at Jellybean, Riley Keough's Episode Revealed, and More


Gina Gershon and Trinity Likins won't appear as Gladys and Jellybean until Dec 12, the mid-season finale. They seem to be in Riverdale as of 3x12 as Gina posted about filming with Skeet and commented about getting to work with Camila

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Jell-O Makes Edible Slime

For the kid in your life who's obsessed with slime, now they can eat it after playing with it.

Jell-O Play's edible slime will be available in two flavors, strawberry and lime, and can be pre-ordered before hitting select retailers this December. They're pre-made mixes where all you have to do is add water.

The company claims that this edible slime easily washes away with soap and warm water.

would you eat slime?

Danny DeVito Responds to Viral Trash Shrine Dedicated to Him

Behind the towel dispenser in a bathroom somewhere in the Visual Arts building at Purchase College was a shrine to Danny DeVito. It had been a thing for awhile, but then upon going viral, the administration became aware of the hole and had it sealed off.

The actor responded with the above tweet about how honored he is about the trash shrine and a reminder to be kind to each other and pick up garbage as well as to be aware of plastic pollution
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what would a shrine dedicated to you look like?

True Blood Creator: Benedict Cumberbatch, Jessica Chastain, & Jennifer Lawrence Auditioned for Show

It's been ten years since True Blood premiered, and creator Alan Ball shared a little known fact about now famous actors who auditioned for the HBO show.

"I read Benedict Cumberbatch. He came and read for Bill. ... Jessica Chastain read for Sookie. Jennifer Lawrence read for, in season 3 there's this werepanther girl, and she was great."

Ball wanted to cast Lawrence, but she was only 17 at the time and the character was meant to be Jason's girlfriend so the age difference would've been inappropriate.

On Anna Paquin's casting: "Anna wanted this role so bad. Poor thing, she read like five times and I was like oh, do we buy her as Southern? Do we buy her as Sookie Stackhouse?"

True Blood post?

Henry Golding goes undercover on Twitter, Insta, YouTube etc for GQ

- Crazy RIch Asians & A Simple Favor star, Henry Golding, secretly goes on social media to see what people are saying about him and replies
- Thirstiness
- Says he has a movie, Monsoon, coming out and they're just deciding what festival to premiere it at
- Will be in romance Last Christmas by Paul Feig and is in Guy Ritchie's, Toff Guys
- Explains some Malay slang and Asian references in the movie that non-Asians might not know
- His normal state is watching Netflix on the couch in his undies and slouching

ONTD, would you read about yourself online if you were famous?