Random ‘The Valley’ news: Jax went on a date, Nia & Danny met Harrison Ford

The Valley star Jax Taylor (44) and model Paige Woolen (32), were spotted on a date at the Granville Cafe in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Woolen picked up Taylor in a limousine from his shared home with Brittnay Cartwright. The date between Taylor and Woolen lasted three hours.

In other Valley news, Nia and Danny met Harrison Ford.

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thoughts on last weeks ep and the upcoming one?

Jesse Eisenberg has applied for Polish citizenship

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He has polish ancestry and is in the process of obtaining citizenship

“My family is from the southeast, from Krasnystaw, my wife’s [Anna Strout] family is from Łódź. We wanted to have a greater connection to Poland. I would like to work here more.”

His last movie “A Real Pain” was filmed in Poland with a polish crew and he plans on filming further movies there as well.

He would also like to improve Polish-Jewish relations:

“I feel a strong connection with this country and I feel that the history of Jews and Poles was intertwined, and I think this is misrepresented by a lot of American Jews. I would like to help repair Polish-Jewish relations.”

do you have a second citizenship ontd?
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Tobin Bell and Richard Gadd rumored to be in next Jurassic Park

Comingsoon.net has listed Tobin Bell and Richard Gadd as being in the upcoming Jurassic World movie. This hasn’t been confirmed elsewhere.

Other names included are Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Mehcad Brooks and Joel McHale.

Nutella Arrows

The Hollywood Reporter lists the most-wanted 10 young A-list stars

The Hollywood Reporter listed the 10 young A-list stars at the top of studios’ most-wanted lists today.
All of them have ONTD tags aside from Jacob Elordi

Poll #2131391 Who is your favorite among the list?

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Austin Butler
Timothée Chalamet
Jacob Elordi
Paul Mescal
Jenna Ortega
Glen Powel
Florence Pugh
Sydney Sweeney
Anya Taylor-Joy
None of them, I just want to see the results

Call It Love

2024 Cannes Showdown : The Best Dressed According to ONTD

Rawdah Mohamed (117 votes) - custom Cheney Chan

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Best Dressed ?

Rawdah Mohamed
Leomie Anderson
Elle Fanning
Hunter Schafer
Diane Kruger
Hande Erçel
Emma Stone
Elaine Zhong
Selena Gomez
Michelle Yeoh

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Yoona is whisked away from Cannes red carpet by same bodyguard from Kelly Rowland incident

Following incidents with the child of destiny and with the Dominican actress, Massiel Taveras, the same bodyguard is in the middle of a third one, by ushering away, Yoona, from the red carpet of the famed film festival.

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Ted Sarandos Argues That ‘BARBIE’ and ‘OPPENHEIMER’ Would Have Been Just As Big on Netflix

Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos argued that Barbenheimer would have been just as big had it been put on Netflix.

“There’s no reason to believe that the movie itself is better in any size of screen for all people. My son’s an editor, he watched ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ on his phone.”



Nicki Minaj Arrested, Fined in Amsterdam for Carrying Marijuana

Nicki Minaj was briefly arrested at an Amsterdam airport for carrying marijuana in her suitcase. Cannabis is legal with some restrictions in Amsterdam, but it is against the law to transport it across international borders. Dutch police gave her a fine, then released her. Minaj's Manchester, UK, show the following day was cancelled.

Nicki has been retweeting posts about singer Ari Lennox, who was arrested after allegedly being racially profiled in Amsterdam in 2021. She has also been retweeting tweets from fans defending her and criticizing the Dutch police. Nicki blames a vague "they" for trying to sabotage her tour and also implies that the Dutch authorities planted the marijuana in her luggage.

Her Twitter meltdown under the cut:

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ask ONTD: What's your favourite movie with a rotten rating at RT?

- A rotten rating is below 60%;

- Some films mentioned are Hook, Constantine, The Boondock Saints and Top Gun;

- OP is in awe by that one user calling 'Alpha Dog' their favourite film.