Selma Blair Reveals Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Selma Blair revealed that she has MS in an Instagram post on Saturday, October 20.

The actress, 46, shared a mirror selfie and wrote about a wardrobe fitting for her new Netflix sci-fi drama, Another Life.

“I was in this wardrobe fitting two days ago. And I am in the deepest gratitude. So profound, it is, I have decided to share,” Blair wrote. “The brilliant costumer #Allisaswanson not only designs the pieces #harperglass will wear on this new #Netflix show , but she carefully gets my legs in my pants, pulls my tops over my head, buttons my coats and offers her shoulder to steady myself. I have #multiplesclerosis.”

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Marilyn Manson is selling a dildo with his face on it

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-Reportedly "soft, lifelike" silicone sex toy
-May fade with multiple uses
-Environmentally friendly !
- 8 inches in length, 1 and a half inch girth
-Perfect stocking stuffer??? idk im all out.

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Jamie Lee Curtis talks biggest Halloween regret

-Picture it, 1998, the Halloween franchise turns 20 and its leading woman, Jamie Lee Curtis agrees to return to the franchise but not in the way she wanted.

-Jamie was keen on bringing the Halloween franchise back for its big anniversary but she wanted to bring it back with the help of John Carpenter and the late producer Debra Hill. Neither were available but Jamie had made zero money from the franchise and didn't want to turn down a paycheck.

-The difference between H20 Laurie Strode and Halloween (2018) Laurie Strode, besides their different connections to Michael is that H20 Laurie ran away from her past. She made a new life for herself but Michael still managed to catch up to her.

-Jamie wanted H20 Laurie to be an alcoholic but also insisted that she not be traumatized by her past. While she thinks H20 is a good movie, it isnt a great movie due to it getting out of the hands of people who made the franchise. She only starred in the H20 sequel because they would only make H20 if she signed on for a sequel.

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Thoughts on Halloween (2018)? Thoughts on the two different paths Laurie took in H20 and 2018?

The Little Drummer Girl cast on working with Park Chan-wook

  • South Korean director Park Chan-wook is helming 'The Little Drummer Girl' but does not speak English and has an interpreter translate for him.

  • “Park Chan-wook doesn’t speak English, although I think he understands more than he lets on," says Charles Dance. "Having a director from a totally different culture is a great idea and the fact that he doesn’t speak English is not a hindrance at all. He has a wonderful eye.”

  • Says Daniel Litman, "Director Park is an amazing person. He doesn’t speak English, he speaks Korean, and yet you listen to him even though you don’t understand what he’s saying.”

  • Park wanted to adapt the novel after reading the new Korean translation. He says being Korean gives him a greater understanding of John Le Carré's works; Korea "is probably one of the last divided nations, the root of which is found in the Cold War. Maybe I have an affinity with Cold War-set stories."


'Halloween' expected to make $80M this weekend, exceeding early estimates

The newest sequel version to 'Halloween' was originally tracking to make somewhere around $50M-$70M but now is expected to make even more, around $80M this weekend. It may tie or even beat the October box office champion - this year's 'Venom', which brought in $80.255M opening weekend two weeks back.

'Venom' and 'A Star is Born' are now both projected to make around $17M this weekend, so they'll be vying for the second spot. Rounding up the top five in predictions is 'Goosebumps 2', which is expected to make $9.7M this weekend.

And in the fifth spot is 'First Man', bringing in another $8M for a total of $28.84M in ten days (thus making it a proper bomb, so good luck with the awards chances there, Chazelle).


Free For All Saturday

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Mallrats came out today in 1995!


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Charmed EP talks whitelighter and baby daddies + 1x04 synopsis

-In this upcoming Sundays episode we will find out if the new Charmed Ones should be wary of their Whitelighter Harry or if he can be a trusted ally.

-We will learn more about the sisters family starting in 1x07 and meet one of the sisters fathers in 1x09.

-They will use more greek mythology and introduce a Satyr though they will still use plenty of the OG Charmed mythology.

-We may see more connections to the OG as the show goes on even though it wont be in continuity with the original.

Charmed Reboot diverges once again from OG in 1x04Collapse )

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Ashanti Concert Cancelled: Only 24 Tickets Sold!

  • The concert was a student event at Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York.

  • Ashanti was a last minute replacement for Tayana Taylor who had to pull out for personal reasons.

  • Stony brook university has 2500 students & only 24 bought tickets for the event.

  • A ticket for the event cost $20.


ONTD, have you been part of an event where no one showed up?
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