RuPaul’s Drag Race - S15E14 Discussion Post

The search for America’s Next Drag Superstar continues as the remaining Queens write their own verse for the remix of RuPaul’s Blame It On The Edit.

S15E14 - “Blame It On The Edit”
The final queens collab with RuPaul on a remix of his song Blame It On The Edit, recording their own verses and creating a space-themed music video.

TOP QUEEN: [spoiler]Sasha Colby
BOTTOM QUEENS: [spoiler]Anetra and Mistress Isabelle Brooks
LIP SYNC SONG: [spoiler]When Love Takes Over by David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland
LIP SYNC WINNER: [spoiler]Anetra and Mistress Isabelle Brooks

Next week all 16 Queens return for the reunion special, followed by the grand finale airing April 14th.

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Amazon Prime’s ‘The Power’ Premiere

The first three episodes of The Power are now streaming on Amazon Prime, with the remaining six episodes premiering every Friday.

This nine episode series is an adaptation of the 2016 novel by Naomi Alderman, detailing a world where teenage girls have suddenly developed the ability to generate electricity from their hands.

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Bailey Bass not returning to Interview with the Vampire for Season 2 ☹️

In what seems to be a last minute decision, AMC has announced Bailey Bass will not be back to play Claudia in Season 2.

Bailey's statement:

“Due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances I’m unable to return to Anne Rice’s ‘Interview with the Vampire’ for the second season,” Bass said in a statement. “Playing Claudia has been a dream role and an incredible ride. I wish Delainey the best of luck in taking over. I cannot wait to watch. I’m extremely appreciative of AMC, the producers, Jacob, Sam, the crew and, of course, the wonderful fans.”

Filming for Season 2 begins in Prague next week. Delainey Hayles, a British actress known for Holby City, will be taking over the part of Claudia.


I'm extremely bummed about this.

Amy Jo Johnson reveals her Power Rangers anniversary surprise!

-Amy Jo Johnson aka Kimberly Hart aka Pink Power Ranger has revealed how she will be contributing to the franchises upcoming 30th anniversary.

-While she chose not to do the MMPR special due to having "different projects, a teenager, and focusing on directing vs. acting" she and her boyfriend have teamed up with BOOM! Comics to write a new MMPR comic from her perspective. It wont be in continuity with the current ongoing comic.

-To prepare to co-write the comic, she went back and watched the original series for the first time in her life.

-She also revealed that during MMPR she was paid $700/episode and since she was newer to acting she was oblivious to how not being a union actor impacted her work. Once she found out the benefits of being union (and basically how she was getting screwed over on the show) she decided to make a change and leave after 138 episodes and 2 movies.


The sexy cast of Dungeons and Dragons promote their funny movie

-Chris Pine hugs Hugh Grant
-Hugh Grant cried while watching the end of the movie
-Sophia Lillis studied the movement of all animals she'd turn into only to find out they're all CGI
-Michelle says she really fits the part of a barbarian and that she made a career out of channeling her anger
-Rege Jean is hot and I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying but it was cute probably
-Chris, Justice and Michelle broke character a lot in front of Hugh Grant
-Rege Jean had the most uncomfortable outfit, his sweat had nowhere to go

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Netflix Confirms Cast for "The Perfect Couple"

Netflix has locked in the cast for its limited series adaptation of Elin Hilderbrand's novel The Perfect Couple. The cast includes Nicole Kidman, Liev Schreiber, Eve Hewson, Billy Howle, Dakota Fanning, Meghann Fahy, Ishaan Khattar, Jack Reynor, Sam Nivola, Mia Isaac, Donna Lynne Champlin, and Isabelle Adjani.

The plot synopsis: “Amelia Sacks (Hewson) is about to marry into one of the wealthiest families on Nantucket. Her disapproving future mother-in-law, famous novelist Greer Garrison Winbury (Kidman), has spared no expense in planning what promises to be the premiere wedding of the season — until a body turns up on the beach. As secrets come to light, the stage is set for a real-life investigation that feels plucked from the pages of one of Greer’s novels. Suddenly, everyone is a suspect.”

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Twitter Verification is going away April 1st; Celebs don't want to pay for it

  • Tomorrow, April Fool's Day, Twitter's CEO, the fool all year round, has said that "legacy verified" users will have their blue checks removed starting on that day.

  • If they don't pay, they don't get the fancy check that his losers buy.

  • The verification system initially started in 2009.

Some people, like NBA Superstar LeBron James, just don't want to pay. Others, like actor William Shatner, are annoyed -- "Now you're telling me I have to pay for something you gave me for free?"

Ice Spice says no one could imitate her because she has 1.2m followers, something that's nearly impossible to replicate. Monica Lewinsky won't pay for a blue check, and she already has imitators, shortly before her account loses verification

But it boils down to this: Now, a blue check means you paid for it, and are a Musk Simp;

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Quentin Tarantino Confirms 10th Movie is to be His Last

- His final movie involves Pauline Kael, but apparently isn't about her.

- He's previously mentioned he'll start working on TV and books instead of "old man movies".

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