A Shang-Chi casting update

- The Shang-Chi movie is casting and Ludi Lin (Black Mirror, Power Rangers) and Ross Butler (13 Reasons Why) are being considered as the main hero
- Donnie Yen (Star Wars: Rogue One) is also being looked at for a role
- Chinese-American writer Dave Callahan is doing the script and production will be underway soon
- It would be Marvel's second movie with an Asian lead after the upcoming Black Widow film
Who's your pick, ONTD?

Neymar's accuser says she "lost" evidence the police wanted

Let's start with a recap because this thing is not easy to keep track of!!
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Najila and her lawyer popped into the police station today unannounced. The media speculated that she was there to finally turn over her phone. But that's not what happened.
The lost phone, her old lawyer is dragged in again, plus her new lawyer's controversial strategyCollapse )

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what do you think of lawyer #4's new strategy, ONTD? is putting Najila and Neymar face to face a good idea?

Dan Levy wins MTV Award

Dan Levy won an MTV Award for Best Comedic Performance for his show, ONTD Fave Schitt's Creek. In his speech he thanked his castmates and his dad, Eugene; while noting that his first entertainment industry job was at MTV (MTV Canada - The Hills Aftershow nevar forget).

Several members of the cast were also there, looking 🔥🔥🔥Collapse )

Dan also had a good interview on Ellen last weekCollapse )

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Now get Catherine O'Hara that Emmy nom!

Marvel Returning to SDCC Next Month

Contrary to popular belief (Considering Disney's own convention, D23, is in Anaheim in August), The Big M will be returning to Hall H after a year's absence.

Seeing as how WB/DC will not make an appearance, the floor is essentially theirs, unless you are like the OP and really hope that Sony "Figure It Out" Pictures will give us a Bloodshot trailer.

With "Endgame" Out of the way and "Far From Home" released a few weeks prior, the question remains; What will Marvel show? Possible Black Widow footage, as well as the official announcement of Doctor Strange 2, a logo for Guardians 3, and a possible casting choice for Shang-Chi.

SDCC takes place from July 18th through the 21st.

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Kerry Washington in Cannes!


  • Queen Kerry was at Cannes* promoting her upcoming show Little Fires Everywhere, a miniseries based on Celeste Ng's book of the same name

  • Reese Witherspoon is co-starring and co-producing LFE

  • Unfortunately for all of us it will be awhile before we can tune in to watch the show, it just started filming and will get a release in 2020 via streaming platform Hulu

  • OP hasn't seen Kerry look this stylish in years!

*I know what you're thinking but this was the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity where famous speakers give talks as opposed to the Cannes Film Festival which is focused on film
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ONTD do you excel at summer fashion?

Pakistani blogger Muhammad Bilal Khan killed

Muhammad Bilal Khan, a Pakistani blogger known for his criticism of the Pakistani military and the country’s spy agency, was murdered in Islamabad. Khan had a fairly large internet presence with 16,000 followers on Twitter, 48,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel and 22,000 on Facebook. On Sunday night he received a phone call instructing him to go Bara Kahu area to the G-9 area in the Pakistani capital where a man took him to the forest where he was killed.

After the incident, the hashtag #Justice4MuhammadBilalKhan trended on the internet and many in Pakistan blamed his criticism of ISI and the Pakistan military as the reason for his killing.

“This morning, Pakistani blogger Bilal Khan dared to mock Gen Faiz Hameed, the new head of Pakistan's feared internal security agency, the ISI. Within hours of his tweet, he was shot dead by persons, suspected to be ISI hitmen. This my friends is Naya Pakistan,” wrote Pakistani-Canadian journalist and commentator Tarek Fatah on Twitter.


The 'Game of Thrones' prequel filming has begun

Film production for the untitled show has begun in Northern Ireland, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

GoT has filmed in parts of Northern Ireland for scenes before, notably the Red Wedding and the Battle of the Bastards.

The prequel is set thousands of years before the events already seen in the "Thrones" series & is expected to premier in 2020 or 2021.

Sources: the CNN tweet CNN Entertainment

Eight Women Accuse Max Landis of Emotional and Sexual Abuse

Eight different women have come forward with allegations of both emotional and sexual abuse committed against them by Hollywood screenwriter Max Landis in an explosive new exposé by The Daily Beast. The article details how Landis utilized his wealth and privilege to repeatedly terrorize and brutalize multiple women with the first allegations of attempted rape dating back to 2008.

Trigger Warning: Tweets detailing instances of sexual assault under the cut.

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Jennifer Morrison joining This Is Us for multi-episode arc

Jen has been cast in a major recurring role on This Is Us next season. It's currently unknown who she'll play as the details of her role are being kept secret.