Billie Lourd on how Ryan Murphy and American Horror Story 'saved my life'

  • "When Ryan offered me Cult, it was just a few months after my mom passed, and it honestly helped me process all of my emotions through these characters. Being able to cry for Winter helped me cry for myself. And it's been really healing and cathartic in an amazing way, and getting to be around all the incredible people on set, they've become like a family to me, and I cannot thank Ryan enough. Honestly, it kind of saved my life.”

  • “I love doing this show. It is so much fun and so challenging and has taught me so much. I would do as many seasons as they would offer me. I mean, obviously I would like to do, like, a sweet romantic comedy on the side too, but, like, this is my jam. I love this show so much. And I would do anything Ryan asked me to do. I trust him with all of my heart.”


Dacre Montgomery Says Billy Hargrove Plays Huge Part In Stranger Things Season 3

  • Dacre Montgomery is GQ's TV Actor of the Year for 2018.

  • Says Billy will play a "huge part" in season 3 of Stranger Things.

  • Recently shot a 25 page scene involving the character that he considers to be one of his most fulfilling as an actor.


The Last Kingdom Season 3 - Behind the Scenes + New Characters

The Last Kingdom season 3 will be hitting Netflix next week on November 19th!

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  • The new season will be based on Bernard Cornwell’s fifth and sixth instalments of The Saxon Stories.

  • A new character called Jarl Harald Bloodhair (Ola Rapace) will serve as a major antagonist in season three.

  • Norwegian actress Thea Sofie Loch Næss will play Skade. She encounters Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and the pair are locked in a complex relationship of cat and mouse.

  • Returning cast includes Eliza Butterworth, David Dawson, Toby Regbo, Emily Cox, Tobias Santelmann and Millie Brady.

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The 19th Annual Latin Grammy Awards Red Carpet

Premios Juventud who? The 19th Annual Latin Grammy Awards are coming to you esta noche desde Las Vegas on Univision. Check out some the questionable red carpet fashion and watch la Reina Thalía serve looks!

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KPOP POST: San-e writes diss track against korean feminists

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Mariah Carey releases 15th album 'Caution'


Mariah has released her album! It's available on all streaming services and may be available to purchase depending on which country you're in!!!!!

01. GTFO
02. With You
03. Caution
04. A No No
05. The Distance ft. Ty Dolla $ign
06. Giving Me Life ft. Slick Rick & Blood Orange
07. One Mo' Gen
08. 8th Grade
09. Stay Long Love You ft. Gunna
10. Portrait

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The album is kind of a mix between E=mc2 and Butterfly imo.

What are your fav tracks ONTD?

Ed Sheeran's songs about coke and hookers put people to sleep

62% of the 651 global respondents named 545 artists from 14 genres that help them fall asleep. The top 6 answers are on the board:

1) Bach ... 15
2) Ed Sheeran ... 13
2) Mozart ... 13
4) Brian Eno ... 10
5) Coldplay ... 9
5) Chopin ... 9


ONTD, whose sleep-inducing music do you listen to before bed?

BREAKING: Tom Hiddleston's Tweet Was About A Play

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 8.51.39 PM.png

Last night, Tom Hiddleston posted a mysterious tweet about "betrayal." The world was waiting holding its breath, waiting to find out what it was about.

Well, wait no longer: Tom will be starring in Harold Pinter's play Betrayal in London's West End. The play will have a limited run of 12 seeks, so buy your tickets now to make sure Tom gets paid see the play.

His costar is rumored to be Zawe Ashton. The play is about a couple that is having an affair that lasts several decades.

Will Tom Hiddleston get his career back on track?

Yes, completely
No, he ruined it
Maybe, but not as good as it was
He's a white guy, of course he'll be fine

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Cardi B's Fashion Nova collection sells out immediately

Cardi B is proving she still has the Midas touch. Her long-awaited collaboration with Fashion Nova dropped at midnight last night, and completely sold out within hours.

- All 82 pieces of her collection have sold out, grossing over $10.8 million in just 3 hours. Over 100,000 units were sold.

- The launch party for the collection was live streamed on Fashion Nova's website, and featured performances from upcoming rappers Saweetie, DreamDoll, City Girls, and Cardi herself.

- “We were doing well before Cardi, but she definitely gave us some legitimacy,” the brand stated. “She is one of our favorite partners because when she talks about Fashion Nova, she speaks from the heart.”

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