Surprise! Xtina Teases New Album & Tour Dates

In truly shocking news, Xtina isn't planning on disappearing for another 5 years. In the next year she plans to

- Add new dates to her recently completed Liberation tour.

- Release a new album *Possibly the long promised Spanish album


6 boxscores out of the 21 dates have been released


ONTD Original: 10 Hot Women 45 Years Old and Over

Whoever said men age better than women was full of shit/a man. There are way more than ten women who have aged incredibly, but OP wanted to submit this post today, man. So all of you in the comments need to add to the list!

Behind the cut are women who have taken care of themselves over the years and did not go overboard with the plastic surgery and/or fillers. They've aged like fucking queens and take the fear many women have out of growing older. All photos are of candids/appearances - not overly-shopped photoshoots.

Stop crying while you eat your birthday cake and lemme provide proof that your 20s =/= your peak tbh.

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Mods: All sources come after each person listed.

Fuck makeup beauty posts tbh. Talk about your comfort food, skincare, what relaxes you, etc!! And add on to this painfully short list!

Noelle Stevenson talks She-Ra & the Princesses of Power

-Was approached by Dreamworks to pitch her version of She-Ra as the DE was a fan of her work.

-Her pitch wasnt that different from the finished version. Development Executive Beth Cannon wanted the show to be diverse in all aspects ranging from stories, bodies, ethnicity.

-She was originally going to stick with She-Ra being a secret identity but it was to hard to work into stories so it was dropped.

-The first season is an origin story and there are a lot of big arcs coming (it is rumored the show will have at least 52 episodes).

-Loves a good hero/villain relationship which was a major drive behind changing Adoras/Catras relationship up from the original.

-Decided to age the characters down to around 17-18 as it suited the story better with them exploring life and finding who they are.

-Wasn't surprised by the online pushback about the animation style but she hasnt come across to many people who are against it.

-Changing Catra from a femme fatal to a scrappier character makes her more interesting.

I really hope we delve into Adoras lineage and bring in He-Man and friends.

Mariah Carey sits down for hour-long career-spanning interview; confirms she is writing her memoirs

Mariah Carey stopped by Genius HQ on Wednesday night to sit down and discuss the evolution of her songwriting over the course of her career. Carey released her 15th studio album Caution today.

Carey spoke about her hits as well as deepcuts like “The Roof” and “Breakdown,” calling the former her favorite of her songs. She revealed that she is currently writing a memoir, so she attempted to not divulge too much gossip over the course of the night. “I’m trying not to give it all away,” she said before reminiscing a bit about writing “The Roof.”

Nevertheless, the chanteuse was candid about her music and her creative process in the hour-long interview, held before an audience of devoted lambs who knew the singer's extensive catalogue word-for-word. As a devoted lamb myself, my observation is the Carey seems more comfortable with herself and her career than she has in many years. In fact, I think one album review published today in the Atlantic captured Carey's current evolution:

"There might be some sort of re-evaluation going on about Carey lately. The soundtrack for her famous flop of a film, 2001’s Glitter, just hit the top of the iTunes charts thanks to a fan campaign on social media. Her announcement of bipolar-disorder diagnosis this April added complexity to erratic-diva caricatures drawn of her. And she’s been nominated for the Songwriters Hall of Fame in recognition of the under-discussed fact that she’s co-written almost her entire discography, including 17 of her 18 top Billboard hits."

Interview (Youtube)
Album review (The Atlantic)

Hailey Baldwin is now going by Hailey Bieber

This past July, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber got engaged after dating on and off since 2015.

Well if it's on Instagram then you know it's official!


Netflix will air Korean Drama "Memories of the Alhambra".

- “Memories of the Alhambra” is a suspense romance drama that revolves around an investment company CEO who visits Granada, Spain, for a business trip and gets involved in a mysterious incident after staying in an old hostel run by a Korean woman.
- The show is directed by Ahn Gil-ho (“Stranger”) and written by Song Jae-jung (“Queen and I”, “W: Two Worlds”).
- The drama stars Hyun Bin (“Secret Garden”) and Park Shin-hye (“Pinocchio”).
- Chanyeol, EXO member, plays Park Shin Hye's brother.
- The 16-episode series will play out globally on Netflix from Dec. 1, an hour after their broadcast in Korea.

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also i'm 100% sure chanyeol is gonna die in this drama too smh

Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend!

Today is National Fast Food Day!


No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

Favorite fast food places? Least favorite?
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Not to be out done by Disney, Warner Bros. gearing up to launch new streaming service

-The Streaming Wars continue and now WarnerMedia is getting in on the action!

-Not much is known about the new streaming service except they will plan to launch in 2019 and will have HBO content available as part of the streaming service. CNN media will not be part of the service save some documentaries that the network has produced.

-HBO will continue to be available as an add-on for Hulu since WB owns 10% of the streaming service.

-No word on how this will effect Netflix and Amazon Prime who have HBO/WB content on their services.

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Are you ready for ANOTHER streaming service? Have you cut cable? Will you cut cable?

Tamar Braxton Quits Snoop Dogg's Play Mid-Show Because Her Food Wasn't Delivered

  • Another day, another check lost for Tamar Braxton.

  • While performing in Snoop Dogg's autobiographical play Redemption of the Dogg, Tamar Braxton up and quit during the middle of the play all over a failed food delivery.

  • Tamar had made arrangements for food to be delivered to her dressing room during the 30 minute intermission between acts.

  • Tamar found out the delivery was turned away at the door by security because neither Tamar or her team had communicate with security a delivery was being made.

  • Tamar found out and allegedly trashed her dressing room, screaming "SHE WON'T STAND FOR THIS! I AM TIRED OF THIS SHIT" and grabbed her bags and left the venue.

  • Snoop tried to rationalize with the star but she left the building and has yet to return to the production.


Big Chris Cornell/Soundgarden news!

Year since his passing, Chris Cornell's widow Vicky Cornell released his new song "When bad Does good." On Sep 21 of this year. The video features his son Christopher has come out today!

Not only that but a Super Deluxe Box Set has released as well of all of Chris Cornell's career covering Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave and his solo works.

A Tribute to Chris Cornell at the Forum on Jan. 16 went on sale TODAY at 10am. The event will feature performances by members of @Soundgarden, @Audioslave, @TempleOfTheDog, plus @FooFighters, @Metallica & @TheRyanAdams tickets could be purchased at ticketmaster.

Please be gentle ONTD, this is my first post!

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