ONTD Original: The trailer for 'THE NEW MUTANTS' premiered 2 years ago. What Happened Since?

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ONTD, do you think it'll get delayed again?

The cast of DC Universe "Titans" to join the the CW's "Crisis on Infinite Earths"

- The cast of Titans is set to join every C-lister in Vancouver for 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'.
- Apparently, unlike most of the other cast announcements, they'll just have a cameo that they've already filmed.
- Fingers crossed for Doom Patrol.


ONTD, is your grandma in the Arrowverse as well?

Popular Twitter personality @emoblackthot reveals himself.

Chrissy Teigen thinks Jim and Pam from The Office would be divorced by now

  • For Jim and Pam's 10 year wedding anniversary (it's been 10 years since the ep they married) she asked her fans if they would still be married and also provided a range of options

  • Teigen originally speculated that they were still together, but ultimately unhappy before changing her mind

  • She does think other Office couples like Phyllis/Bob Vance, Michael/Holly and Angela/Dwight would still be together

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What say you ONTD?

Charli XCX Says No Air Pollution Was Involved in the “White Mercedes” Video

Charli XCX released the music video for “White Mercedes” last week. In the clip, a burning white Mitsubishi Galant is seen emitting a massive blaze of fire and jet-black smoke into the sky.

Following some online backlash calling out the singer for air pollution, Charli Baby took to social media to clarify that the scene did not pollute the air.

“Hi guys. I’m seeing the comments about air pollution and the ‘White Mercedes’ music video. Just so everyone is aware, the black smoke and heavy fire is made by special effect liquid they use for cinema. The car itself was completely emptied of all its oil and toxic liquids. Even the white paint we put on the car was organic and made for easy removal. Just wanted to let you know.”

ONTD, are you environmentally conscious?


Succession Season 2 Finale Round Up and Live Viewing Post

Tonight is the night!

PUPPETS Pusha T + Nicholas Britell Succession Remix (Audio Only)

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Don't open the cut if you haven't watched [Spoiler (click to open)]
[ ] Flog the fucking donkey Logan
[ ] Everybody else thinks you're a joke Connor
[ ] Hero of Asia Minor Roman
[ ] Turning our threesome into a twosome Shiv
[ ] Deadcatting Tom
[ ] Shoes out nails out Greg
[ ] All our hands are bathed in blood Gerri

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Euphoria actress Storm Reid goes to Chris Brown concert


Euphoria actress Storm Reid, 16, made an instagram post about the Chris Brown concert she attended at the Staples Center Friday night. She seemed to have fun, but didn’t expect the comments she would receive and has shut off the ability to comment on the post.

The caption reads:
✨ RECAP of my Friday night ✨ Thank you, Chris, for having us. As you can see, we had a ball. 💜 #Swipe


‘Girls Do Porn’ Employees Charged With Sex Trafficking, Potentially Face Life in Prison

· Owners and employees of Girls Do Porn were charged with federal sex trafficking counts on Thursday. The charges are separate from a civil suit in which 22 women allege the company misrepresented the nature of the films, that they were coerced into doing porn after being told it was a modeling job, and that the company lied about how the films would be distributed. Lawyers for the women say they've spoken to more than 100 additional women who corroborate the allegations
· Girls Do Porn owner Michael Pratt, lead videographer Michael Wolfe, and GDP's main actor Ruben "Andre" Garcia are charged with sex trafficking by force, fraud or coercion. Pratt, Wolfe Garcia are charged with conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, as is administrative assistant Valerie Moser. If convicted, they face up to life in prison and a $250,000 fine
· Pratt fled the country last month and is considered a fugitive, per the DOJ
· Girls Do Porn is still producing videos. In August, after a report by Vice, PornHub contacted the women in the suit and took down their videos. You can still find Girls Do Porn videos on the site, though. Per NBC, GDP & their sister sites generate $17mn in revenue

A Group Of Students Burned A Latina Author's Book Because They Felt Attacked For Being White

· Author Jennine Capó Crucet was invited to Georgia Southern University to talk about her book, Make Your Home Among Strangers, about a Cuban-American girl who struggles to fit in at her predominately white college. The book was required reading in some classes and the lecture was mandatory
· Most of Jennine's lecture focused on white privilege and, of course, the mostly white audience took offense, saying she used her lecture to attack white people. An example of Jennine's "attack" against white people was saying white people shouldn't dominate positions of power. One student who spoke to Buzzfeed said he knows white privilege exists but the way she spoke to the students about it wasn't okay
· Jennine tweeted about ignorant comments she received from students and thanked the students who stood up for her. Some students responded to her tweets to whine about racism against white people and said her lecture should've been about her book.... which is about.... white privilege...?
· Later that night, a group of students on campus burned her book. Some students turned up at Jennine's hotel, after which she moved to a different hotel. Department chair Dr Russell Willerton said that while the student's actions are within their First Amendment rights, they don't reflect the school's values, a line that was repeated by other school officials. In an anonymous email sent to Buzzfeed, one student said racist events seem to occur annually and that she isn't happy the students weren't disciplined
· The school is 63% white