🚨 THIRST TRAP ALERT 🚨 - Wonho posts topless thirst traps, trends on twitter

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I thought my house was leaking, but its just my buss

The Bidens' dogs have arrived at the White House

Dr. Biden tweeted on Monday that Champ and Major arrived at the White House.

Champ has already stolen the spotlight from his dad during an interview.


Major was adopted by the Bidens from the Delaware Humane Association in 2018 after their daughter Ashley saw the shelter's Facebook post looking for fosters for a litter of six puppies. But he was a foster fail and was officially adopted by the Bidens later that year.

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Angelina Jolie Wears an Ankle-Length Black Cloak to Target

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Stars: They're just like us! Except most of us don't wear flowing black priest robes to Target, like Angelina Jolie. She was papped making a Tarzhay run with one of her kids (I don't know which one) and donned a swirling black garment-like garment.

No word on what she bought, though she did choose a plastic bag over paper 😒.

What do u wear on your Target runs?

Swirling ankle-length robes by an expensive designer
Jeans and some top
Sweatpants and god knows what else
A red shirt and khaki pants
Nothing at all
I don't go on Target runs/I have no imagination

How much did you spend on your last Target run?


The View: Cecilia Vega, Wendy Williams, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Meghan

Monday + Tuesday combined


More behind the cut

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Ontd how are you feeling about first week of Biden-Harris?

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Here's My Reasons Why You Should Watch Netflix's Formula 1 Documentary Series (ONTD Original)

- As we reflect in the last year and scroll endlessly through streaming interfaces while claiming to be working from home, there's one show that even if you don't like sports, you'll love this series. Netflix is currently in the post-production phase of their most recent season of the documentary series called Formula 1: Drive to Survive. Please do not refer to Formula 1 as European Nascar, my heart will hurt. In short, Drive to Survive is the season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we deserve, here's why.

1. The money (obviously)... yeah, yeah, eat the rich let's get that out of the way. One of the most intriguing parts about the show is learning how financing a team, car, and drivers work. It's lots of money for some teams and not as much for others which plays a large hand into who wins the races. It's not simply the agility of the athlete. Also many of these drivers come from some very privileged families where racing/karting is an expensive sport to take up, so already the playing field is very narrow to enter.

2. There's some eye candy. Well, OP prefers the older, richer, team principals but some of the drivers are adorable.

ie. the very adorable Charles Leclerc and his phenomenal eyebrows.

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10. Men being hella catty and petty and emotional is always great to watch.


As a lover of sports documentaries, I'm so happy I started watching this series. I'm now kind of obsessed with Formula 1 and with contracts expiring, new financial regulations, and so many driver and staff lineup changes, Ferrari's cheating scandal, this third season will be a hot mess. Let the three of us discuss!
Mero 10

Ludacris gets car stolen in Atlanta

- Rapper Ludacris got his car after he stopped at an ATM on Monday around 4:30pm yesterday.

- While leaving his car running using the ATM, he heard his black Mercedes-Benz speeding off. He did not see the man who stole his car.

- Then, Ludacris flagged down the police and they "eventually traced the vehicle’s location electronically to an area in northwest Atlanta, but while they did find property belonging to Ludacris there, the car was missing".

- The "police managed to locate the car in a parking lot in the city" and it was returned back to Ludacris.

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taylor swift - middle finger

Kelly Clarkson Could Replace Ellen DeGeneres

- Ellen's talk show isn't doing well amid the accusations about her behavior and toxic work environment.
- The ratings have dipped 8 percent.
- Meanwhile, The Kelly Clarkson Show hit a season high and matched Ellen's numbers for the first time ever.
- Ellen is pretty much over it.
- Since she owns the rights to her show, they can't revamp it with another host.
- Kelly Clarkson could end up in her time slot.

ONTD, do you think Kelly Clarkson is the new Queen of Daytime?


USA gays are having a breakdown over clip of Australian gays clubbing shared by Gaga

Countries in Oceania seem to be doing exceptionally well respecting the COVID pandemic and are doing activities long forgotten in the rest of the world, such as music festivals and clubbing.

Lady Gaga retweeted a video from a bar in Melbourne, and it feels like a completely different dimension, in it people without masks and social distance are having drunk and fun times to the tunes of her latest album. And Statian gays in her replies aren't taking it very well, with many of them expressing feelings ranging from sadness to frustration over the state of things.

Will you be clubbing in 2023 once all this is solved, ONTD?

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