Sacheen Littlefeather Dies, Aged 75

  • Sacheen Littlefeather, the activist for Native Americans who declined Marlon Brando’s Oscar for “The Godfather” on his behalf at the 1973 Academy Awards, died Sunday at 75, the Academy of Motion Pictures said. She had been suffering from breast cancer.

  • In June, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences apologized to Littlefeather for her treatment at the Oscars that night. Littlefeather attended an in-person presentation of the apology at the Academy Museum on Sept. 17.

  • At the Oscars in 1973, she was only given 60 seconds to read her speech on Native American rights, and was then escorted off the stage with some audience members booing. She was also almost assaulted by John Wayne - who was reportedly so incensed at her speech, "he had to be restrained by 6 security staff backstage".

  • She closed her speech at the Oscars with the hope that “in the future, our hearts and our understandings will meet with love and generosity.”.

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RIP Sacheen

YouTuber Dream Finally Reveals His Face…

* there’s a Minecraft YTer (not to be confused with white (he’s that too)) named Dream who all the girlies like so much that they got Glass Animals a global hit.
* might have blown up during the pandemic but idk I don’t play videos games so can’t be sure
* Anyway! He was famous for not showing his face and allowing his fans to imprint their fantasies onto him.
* he tweeted out earlier that he was gonna show off his face
* he did so and
[Spoiler (click to open)]5-E844804-CFC9-4-A58-A9-C9-C6-AA61-A5-CB4-D
* Twitter being Twitter about it

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Twitter was ready and waiting for this one 🫤
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Cardi B Shares NSFW Texts Between Her and Offset Amidst Cheating Rumors

Cardi B released some steamy text messages between her and Offset, her husband, after rumors that he is cheating again.

You can see the messages after the cut.
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Also, even Cardi is having trouble buying real estate in this market.

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Lizzo performs with cardboard cutout of Chris Evans at Boston concert

More than a year after drunkenly sliding into Not Another Teen Movie star Chris Evans' DMs, a cardboard cutout of Evans was present at the singer's show in Boston (Evans' hometown), and it made its way on stage and became part of one of the dance numbers.

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This Week's US Soaps Promos (October 3rd-7th, 2022)

This week on the US Daytime Soaps...

General Hospital

GH Spoilers for the Week

Days of Our Lives

Now that it’s all been revealed, I’m not mad about Clyde being the killer. It was explained in a way that made sense. I still would rather it have been Li but that would have involved dragging the reveal of the killer out longer because clearly Li being revealed to Gabi is still months away. There are people still very mad about the whole Abigail murder but, again, I don’t think it was as colossally bad as others are saying. Wasn’t one of Ron’s best stories but it certainly wasn’t one of his worst (still not over the Messica nonsense from 2010).
I liked Jennifer’s scenes this week. So glad we have Cady in the role, I don’t see Missy Reeves doing the scenes justice.
Every time Rex comes back, I wonder if they’ll ever bring Cassie back for a visit.

DOOL Spoilers for the Week

The Young and the Restless
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The Bold and the Beautiful
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B&B Spoilers for the Week

This Week in Soaps history...
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Does Ana de Armas Sing in Blonde?

Controversial film Blonde may be getting ravaged by critics and audiences, but there's been praise for Ana de Armas' portrayal of the star, keeping AdA's Oscar dreams alive.

And Harper's Bazaar asks: Does Ana de Armas sing in Blonde?

Find out below!
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Billy Eichner Reacts to ‘Disappointing’ Box Office Opening: ‘Straight People Just Didn’t Show Up’

Billy Eichner has shared his thoughts regarding the meager box office opening for his LGBTQ romantic comedy “Bros,” writing that “straight people, especially in certain parts of the country, just didn’t show up.”

Despite glowing reviews from both critics and audiences, the film fizzled at the box office this weekend, opening in fourth place with a slim $4.8 million gross.
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