Camila Cabello's first single called "A Good Reason To Go"

Camila's artist page on the Capital FM website was recently updated to include this song, and it's also listed in their Coming Soon section.

She'll also be performing a set of all new music at Wango Tango in MayCollapse )source

ONTD, are you ready for this mess?

Colombia mad over Wiz Khalifa's visit to Pablo Escobar's tomb

He laid flowers and took pictures of his tomb. Medellín's mayor Federico Gutiérrez said Wiz should pay homage to Pablo Escobar's victims instead.

source: billboard / wiz's instagram
when will people stop romanticizing this mass murderer?

Cuba Gooding Jr. lifts up Sarah Paulson's dress at PaleyFest

Yesterday while making an appearing on a panel for American Horror Story at PaleyFest, Cuba Gooding Jr. took it upon himself to bend over and pull up the bottom of Sarah Paulson's dress as she greeted co-star Kathy Bates on stage. While Paulson appeared to laugh off the incident people have taken to social media to question what Gooding was even doing and calling him out for being a creep. As of this afternoon neither Gooding, Paulson, nor their representatives have spoken about / explained the incident.

More including video behind the cutCollapse )

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‘True Detective’ Season 3 is Happening After All


After some uncertainties over the future of the show Nic Pizzolatto now teams up with David Milch (NYPD Blue) for a new season.

let the fancasting begin

Drake postpones concert twice, then lets fans wait hours before cancelling again 2 months later

After postponing his January 20th concert in Amsterdam to January 26th, and then postponing it again to March 27th on January 25th, Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome was filled with people excited to finally see Drake perform tonight. But two hours after the show was supposed to start and fans were still waiting for Drake, he supposedly got sick and it was announced that tonight's show was cancelled. The concert is now postponed to March 29th, but who knows if it'll really take place then tbh.


lmao this cannot be real.. i feel bad for his fans who thought they were going to the opening of his European tour and now still haven't seen the show
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Alyssa Milano will literally drive you to the polls in Georgia! #FlipThe6th

Your fav politically active Charmed One is working to flip the 6th district in Georgia. Early voting starts today and Alyssa is urging voters to vote for Democrat Jon Ossoff, who is looking to replace Donald Trump’s HHS secretary, Tom Price, in the House. She and Chris Gorham are even picking up voters who don't have a ride to the polls!

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STARZ - AMERICAN GODS Character Posters

Czernobog and Mr. WorldCollapse )

Gillian Anderson as Media/BowieCollapse )
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