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Nick Jonas Covers Complex Magazine.

ONTD fav Nick Jonas is the cover boy of Complex magazine's February 2016 issue. The Sundance kid unleashes some testostorone in the sexy spread.

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The good sis imnotasquirrel took the liberty of posting the interview yesterday sans pics. You can check it out here.

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Miss Universe Comes Home

It took her three tries, a gown malfunction and a now-legendary televised mishap to officially become "Miss Universe". Now that she has carried the title for a month, Pia Wurtzbach has finally come home to the Philippines.

And boy, is the Philippines happy to see her. The Philippines has an fixation on International Beauty Pageants, extensive enough to rival that of Venezuela's and Colombia's. In this sense, the nation's hankering for a Miss Universe from the Philippines has been palpable: there has been no Filipina Miss Universe in 42 years, and 4/5 Miss Philippines' have made the top 5 in past the 5 years. Pia's win resounded as a national victory -- and her homemcoming was celebrated as such.

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Her official photoshoot as Miss Universe has also been released:

James Franco better keep his mitts off this actual goddess
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Sources: Some articles from Rappler; also, my eyes and ears

Aldis Hodge at Sundance

Gay Porn Star Colby Keller Stars in Vivienne Westwood's Spring/Summer '16 Lookbook

Shot by renowned fashion photographer Juergen Teller in Venice, Colby wears heels and goes full frontal too in a very derelicte setting.

Speaking to New Now Next, Colby said, "Vivienne Westwood is not only a fashion hero of mine, she’s a passionate advocate for the environment. We all need to focus our attention on the problem of climate change, especially when our political culture fails to address the catastrophe coming."

Go here if you haven't seen enough of Colby Keller's dick lately.

ONTD, what kind of porn have you been watching lately

PS Sorry mods, I didn't notice the sheer shorts on the other model b/c I was too busy staring at Colby's arms. I used another pic.


WGN America's 'Outsiders' and 'Underground' at the Winter TCAs

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WGN America has also announced that the first episode of Outsiders and Underground will air commercial free. Outsiders premieres on January 26th and Underground premieres on March 9th.

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