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Sofia Boutella for Malibu Magazine

• Sofia talks about growing up in Algeria and moving to France at the age of 10

• After more than a decade as a professional dancer, she decided to focus on acting & Madonna supported her decision

• She spent the next two years taking acting classes but didn't get cast in anything

• She considered go-go dancing but was worried it might affect her emotionally, soon after she was cast as Gazelle in Kinsgman: The Secret Service

• She turned down her part in The Mummy initally because she was afraid to play a monster - "I was afraid it would stick to me, as a woman, and [I would] not work again. Who are the women who played monsters who did anything after? I didn’t see any examples."

• Full article is available @ www.malibumag.com

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13 Reasons Why : Katherine Langford & Dylan Minette for Entertainment Weekly

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🚨 Hailey Baldwin Walking Post 🚨 + Recent Photoshoot

• hailey was seen out & about in SoHo on Friday and Los Angeles on Wednesday

• had dinner with rumored boyfriend Cameron Dallas last week

• she also did a recent shoot with Damon Baker trying out different looks

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Riverdale Cosmo Photo Shoot, Sneak Peeks and Viewing Post

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Leighton Meester for Coveteur

  • Good news for Heartstrings fans: she's working on new music she wants to release within the next year

  • Doesn't like talking about her family because she wants her public life to focus on her professional accomplishments

  • If she could time travel she would go give her younger self a pep talk

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Is anyone actually watching her new show?

Rihanna plays bodega owner in BTS video for PAPER Magazine

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Riverdale Roundup: Second Death, Teen Vogue Photoshoot, Extended Promo & Stills

Before everything goes upside down, it looks like Jughead's birthday party is initially laid back.
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At WonderCon, Luke Perry and KJ Apa gave their vague little hints about the second death that's coming to Riverdale
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And the cast posed for Teen Vogue in what they labelled a "Gossip Girl" inspired shoot.
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who do you think dies next?

Khoudia Diop Celebrates Her Nyenyo Culture In This Stunning Photo Series

memories about Senegal
"What I remember most, is the diversity within the Senegalese culture (cultures, traditions, beliefs). I also remember the great pride we have for our traditional clothing; while still loving to wearing modern fashion. Very inspiring! Oh, and also the food. I love Senegalese food! My mom makes some of the best. My favorite dish is “thiebou djeun” (fried fish and rice). So yummy—everyone should try it!"

life in Senegal
"Life is very relaxed in Senegal. Basically, we don’t worry about many things, and it’s called the country of “teranga” (welcome) where everybody cares about their neighbors."

her beauty standards
"I was taught to carry myself as a Senegalese woman—with respect for her elders and heritage; honor, and really about the woman you are, and how you carry yourself and treat others. This is why I think beauty is much more than appearance—it’s the way you care about yourself and others."

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