LL Cool J is like ONTD, ready for that drama

- he wants them to figure out things in Grammys room,

- it is not sure yet if West will attend,

- Taylor opens the show.



Taylor Swift's Brother Is Not Tying his Yeezys... Posts video of him throwing them in the trash

Kanye's fellow TIDAL owner Calvin also commented and liked. Loyal squad members Selena Gomez and Martha Hunt also liked. This is all in response to Kanye saying in Famous featuring Rihanna "I feel like me and Taylor might have sex. I made that bitch famous"
Meanwhile, shafted for a Tayvin happy bday post, Karlie Kloss posts a picture in her yeezys... UPDATE: She also changed the caption from something about the show being over, but not being able to take off her yeezys to "on to the next #nyfs" making people believe she has a contract to promote them on social media

Fellow Squad Member Gigi was also bopping to the lyrics with the Kardashians #zetrayl

If anyone cares, Jaime King also tweeted

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Martin Shkreli Offers Kanye West $10 Mil To Own 'The Life Of Pablo'

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The rules that performers had to follow for #YeezySeason3

- the show played to a packed house in New York City but started 45 minutes late,

- up on the stage was supermodel Naomi Campbell,

- Veronica Webb and Alek Wek also came out onto the stage.


James Blake - Modern Soul

Spoiler - it"s AMAZING.Collapse )

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ONTD ORIGINAL: Real Housewives & Househusbands' Political Donations Exposed

Considering Teresa Giudice's recent endorsement of Trump, I thought I'd look into which candidates the housewives are supporting. I used opensecrets.org and only included recent campaign contributions.

  • Teresa Giudice may have endorsed Trump, but there's no record of her or Joe making any financial contributions to him or anyone else. Also, as a felon, she cannot vote!

    • Dorinda Medley is a long time supporter of Hillary since 2006. Her most recent contribution is $2700 to Hillary's presidential campaign.

    • I don't have any contributions from Yolanda Foster, but her ex David gave $2700 to Hillary and, interestingly, $2600 to Clay Aiken's 2014 failed congressional campaign.

    • Erika Girardi has made over a hundred contributions to various democratic campaigns and PACs, but her most recent contribution is a shocker: $2700 to Jeb Bush last July. Just the month before she had donated $5000 to Senator Leahy's PAC to reelect 7 democratic senators (including Chuck Schumer) and in March she donated another $5000 to Barbara Boxer's super PAC to elect 100+ democratic senators. Not sure what prompted her change because her husband has also made a number of contributions to democratic campaigns, though I don't see a recent contribution from him. Jeb? Really? Him?

    Basically, not many of the housewives have a record of making political contributions and the few that have haven't made too many in the past couple of years ¯\_(ツ)_/¯