The Trump brand may be tanking, but Ivanka's clothing line remains above the fray

  • There has been a significant decrease in bookings for Trump's hotels. Trump's other enterprises like golf courses and casinos have suffered as well

  • Analysts say Ivanka's clothing and accessory lines haven't taken a hit so far (despite the boycott action #GrabYourWallet)

  • It may be up to Ivanka to resurrect the damaged Trump brand after the election, as she's seen as the most likable Trump


Follow-up to this post.


Trump is very low-energy these days. Just sad.

The AMAs Just Got Better: Fifth Harmony To Perform 'That's My Girl'!

The 2016 AMAs are LIVE, November 20th on ABC!

and I thought the group was done after the tour. after that tho, it's probably the end of the 7/27 era


source: twitter

Bravo Announces New Southern Charm Franchise

Bravo announced today that they will be expanding Southern Charm to include Southern Charm Savannah (which will take place in Savannah, Georgia)
Bravo also announced it will be renewing Real Housewives of Dallas, Shahs of Sunset, and other shows everyone pretends to watch.


Anyone else excited about this?

Twitter Killed Vine

- Twitter's earnings report came out, showing its further descent into the abyss
- The company is cutting 9% of workforce worldwide
- The short video app, Vine, has been axed completely
- will host existing videos (for now)
- The social network will be fondly remembered as the origin of many teen superstars, like Shawn Mendes and others, I guess


Favorite Vines?

New Kingdom Hearts Roundup Including More KH3 Info!

Kingdom Hearts had a special presentation at Paris Games Week earlier today with many news being revealed including the opening movie for Kingdom Hearts 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage (and Utada Hikaru's Simple and Clean Ray of Hope Mix).

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 will be released in a bundle for PS4 on March 2017!Collapse )

Actual Real Kingdom Hearts 3 NewsCollapse )

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Just take my money Square Enix.

Vic Mensa - 16 shots mv

TW for the end of the video
He premiered it at the Justice for Laquan Rally! on Saturday in Chicago, though its still exclusive to tidal.
At the end of the video a young man re-enacts the shooting of Laquan McDonald while the actual footage from Laquan's death is shown.

17-year-old Laquan McDonald was killed by police almost 2 years ago. The officer who killed him, and over 7 colleagues who filed reports supporting his version of events, claim he attacked police with a knife and was only stop to stop him advancing on police.
But dash cam footage finally released last year (after months of resistance from Police) showed Laquan was 15 feet away from the officers, walking in the opposite direction as them, when they open fire on him. Police kept shooting him even while he is lying on the ground. He was shot a total of 16 times and the video shows no effort was made to administer aid to him as he lay dying.

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