Get ready for Haylor 2.0

Taylor just can NOT get enough of white British men! She's rumored to have been asking Ellie Goulding to get her an audience with the prince. Prince Harry loves blondes and her songs so who knows? Maybe they'd hit it off. She is desperate to be a princess, and she wants to show him she gets the whole bourgeois lifestyle with her private jets and buckets full of cash.


Clown sightings aren't publicity stunt for 'It' movie says producer

A rash of creepy clown sightings have been plaguing America; children in South Carolina reported seeing clowns outside their windows. Since then sightings have since been reported in New Jersey, Tennessee, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and more.

This has lead conspiracy theorists to argue that it is all one big viral marketing stunt for the new movie based off of Stephen King's 'It'. Cathy Nam, a spokesperson for New Line, made a public statement on the matter: “New Line is absolutely not involved in the rash of clown sightings.”

This wasn't the first film accused of using the clowns to promote their film; Rob Zombie's '31' was also a similar target.


One of the Best Comedies of Recent Years, "What We Do In The Shadows" is Getting a TV spin-off

The series, Paranormal Event Response Unit, was conceived by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi and will be a six-episode spin-off from the highly acclaimed feature film.

The show will screen on TVNZ 2 and feature police officers Karen and Mike, who "keep us safe from supernatural phenomena in their own police reality series", New Zealand On Air (NZOA) said.


fuck. yeah.

New Music Roundup - DNCE, Major Lazer, OneRepublic & More

Lots of music came out today so here's a quick roundup

One Republic - A.I. (feat. Peter Gabriel)

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Who are you listening to today ONTD? Did your fave deliver?

Cast and Crew of Various Star Trek Canons Oppose Trump in Open Letter

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Star Trek has always offered a positive vision of the future, a vision of hope and optimism, and most importantly, a vision of inclusion, where people of all races are accorded equal respect and dignity, where individual beliefs and lifestyles are respected so long as they pose no threat to others. We cannot turn our backs on what is happening in the upcoming election. Never has there been a presidential candidate who stands in such complete opposition to the ideals of the Star Trek universe as Donald Trump. His election would take this country backward, perhaps disastrously. We need to elect a president who will move this country forward into the kind of future we all dream of: where personal differences are understood and accepted, where science overrules superstition, where people work together instead of against each other.

The resolution of conflicts on Star Trek was never easy. Don’t remain aloof –vote! We have heard people say they will vote Green or Libertarian or not at all because the two major candidates are equally flawed. That is both illogical and inaccurate. Either Secretary Clinton or Mr. Trump will occupy the White House. One is an amateur with a contemptuous ignorance of national laws and international realities, while the other has devoted her life to public service, and has deep and valuable experience with the proven ability to work with Congress to pass desperately needed legislation. If, as some say, the government is broken, a protest vote will not fix it.

Have you just turned 18? Have you moved? Have you never voted before? Some states have early registration (early October) and/or absentee ballots. You can’t vote if you are not registered. So make it so. Go to , a non-profit, non-partisan organization, and fulfill your civic duty. Because, damn it, you are a citizen of the USA, with an obligation to take part in our democracy! Do this not merely for yourself but for all the generations that follow. Vote for a future of enlightenment and inclusion, a future that will someday lead us to the stars.

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which names are you sad to see absent?

Solange Releases Photo Album For "A Seat at the Table" Online + Album Available on Apple Music!

- She initially sent hard covered versions to fans who signed up on her website.  Contains lyrics, poetry and album-related photography.  An e-version is available on her site HERE.

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I totally feel how this album's vibe is about healing.  Cranes in the Sky, Don't Touch My Hair, and Mad are my favorite right now.  She managed to get Lil Wayne to not sound insufferable, bless.  Oooh girl at Ms. Tina's interlude too.