1:01 am - 12/29/2014

'The Voice' host Emma Willis is afraid of Rita Ora

'The Voice' host Emma Willis finally admitted that she's shy around the presence of British superstar and fashion icon Rita Ora [buy I Will Never Let You Down on iTunes now!], who will join the next series of The Voice UK. The famous host said: "I'm used to interviewing people like that and sometimes you feel there's a line between interviewer and interviewee. So, sometimes I feel a bit like: 'Ooh, maybe they won't want to talk to me'. I feel shy, totally. I feel like they're the superstars and I'm this little thing tottering around in the background."

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Are you afraid of Rita Ora, ONTD?
8:07 am - 12/28/2014

Lindsay Lohan has contracted the mosquito-borne Chikungunya virus

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan tweeted a link to an Instagram picture with the caption "Before I got chikungunya 😥😰😪 use Big spray please 🙏 God bless." Lindsay has been vacationing in French Polynesia these past two weeks, where she could have contracted the virus. According to the CDC, the virus causes fever and joint pain, and can sometimes include muscle aches, headaches, joint swelling or rash. The virus does not often result in death, but the symptoms can be severe and cause disability. There is currently no vaccine or specific treatment for infection.

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11:04 am - 12/28/2014

Zach Braff, Donald Faison, and John C. McGinley hang out

6:59 am - 12/28/2014

Piers Morgan says "Madonna can't even spell," calls her the "Most cringe-making parent" of 2014

After being accused of dissing Lady Gaga in her latest leaked track and subsequently responding to the accusations in an angry Instagram post, Madonna is facing criticism from a long-time nemesis who most recently said that he would never interview her, even if she begged him.

On Sunday, Piers Morgan tweeted a link to a Daily Mail article about Madonna's latest Instagram outburst and struggling album sales, saying "Madonna can't even spell." Piers Morgan's tweet comes the same day the Daily Mail published Piers' list of his most notable celebrity interactions of 2014. At the top of his list is Madonna. Piers Morgan calls Madonna "gloriously embarrassing" for her Instagram posts, and he calls her the "most cringe-making parent" of 2014. Other celebrities who made his list include Harry Styles, Cindy Crawford, and Rod Stewart. Read his tweets below behind the cut:

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9:38 pm - 12/28/2014

Ari Dent™ hates the Christmas season

Legendary actress and iconic Christmas hitmaker [buy Santa Tell Me on iTunes!] Ariana Grande hates the holidays! She tells the Daily Star: “My song might sound cheerful, but it’s really quite sardonic and depressing. I’m like saying, ‘Santa, what is your deal, bro?’ I’ve had my heart broken multiple times around this time of year. I feel although it’s one of the most cheerful times of the year, I see tons of heartbreak and they make movies about it. It’s like a (Wham!) Last Christmas vibe.”

Do you hate the holidays, ONTD? I never hated it until now tbh.
5:05 am - 12/28/2014

Iggy Azalea Freestyles on Sway in the Morning

2:13 am - 12/28/2014

You could gaze into the future...

Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, That's So Raven, plus Disney Channel Original Movies Halloweentown and The Cheetah Girls will come back to TV to wrap up the year.

ABC Family's television event "That's So Throwback" will air Disney Channel originals from the 2000s in programming starting Monday, December 29th - Friday, January 2nd, from 12 am - 2 am.

Source has the full schedule. In other news, you should google "Adam Lamberg" and see what picture comes up.
2:46 pm - 12/28/2014

JESSIE J blasts critics for saying that she reveals TOO MUCH SKIN!

Jessie J has blasted critics when she posted a picture of her revealing too much skin on the beach (see the photo after the cut). She reposted the picture (seen above) and captioned it: "#currentmood this was yesterday but I feel the same today 😁🙋#holidaytime. Had to come back and edit this caption... It's a shadow people, rest your negative thumbs this Christmas. Or maybe forever? Lol, New Years resolution maybe? And to all the women (and men might I add) saying my vagina is out "is that a line doe" you said doe?! Lmao! Get a grip, OH and you really need to go to the doctors if yours comes up that high!! #justsaying #sorrynotsorry I am living and happy and feeling confident. Isn't that we want women to be? Lucky I'm thick skinned. People trying to dull my shine. Come at me! I'm ready. Factor 60 bug spray the lot mate! I bet you just mad you got crocs for Christmas... Smh 😩😂"

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Are you showing too much skin, ONTD?

12:55 am - 12/28/2014

lana del rey talks new record + working with mark ronson

Lana Del Rey is Grazia France's latest cover star. In addition to a gorgeous new shoot by Thomas Nutzl, the magazine features an interview with the I'm Trying to Be Illusive But These Fucking Kids Found Out My Address Chanteuse, where she discusses her new album and hints at a new artistic partnership with "Uptown Funk" man Mark Ronson.

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12:44 pm - 12/28/2014

Pitbull and Ne-Yo bring you back to 1999 in a new music video

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