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Marilyn Manson "a mess" on tour

-Marilyn Manson is currently on tour with Slipknot

-Fans and critics agree that Marilyn Manson is not giving good performances on tour and is acting in a concerning manner, meanwhile Slipknot's lead singer is purported to be delivering solid performances in a neck brace after spinal surgery

-Manson is incoherent on stage, moans, can't maintain his balance

-Manson told a stagehand, “I don’t want to fall onto my dick with that cord, so can you fix it please? And don’t give me an uppity look, because you’re not black.”

-Manson has announced that he’s releasing a new album next year

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yikes @ stagehand comment

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The reason Matt Damon, a white dude, is fighting monsters on the Great Wall of China

OK I'll try to summarize this mess: LeEco is a Chinese megacompany that recently bought American television giant Vizio and with that, LeEco owns one of the largest TV makers in the US. So you may ask why in hell they hired Matt Damon to star in a movie in China? Besides the cashbait, they are creating content based on what you (US citizen) watch.
But how? Well, Vizio has a tracking device called Inscape that monitors everything you watch and then sends the data (anonymously) back to headquarters, like Netflix do amazingly and Nielsen do horribly. Now you're getting the general idea, right? LeEco wants to know what we’ll watch before we watch it, then they will create it and sell it to you. In a Vizio TV.


So, what do you think?

Massive Attack release 2 new songs, video

“Come Near Me” features British vocalist Ghostpoet. The video stars  Kosovan actor Arta Dobroshi and was directed by Ed Morris.

The second song is The Spoils, featuring vocals by Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval.

These songs follow up the Ritual Spirit EP that was released ealier this year.

They were released earlier this week (along with still unreleased “Dear Friend”) on the band's app, Fantom, designed in part by Robert del Naja,  "a sensory music player that remixes and reforms songs uniquely using a variety of environmental variables including location, movement, time of day, heartbeat and the integral moving image camera, and it also allows users to create and record unique audio-visual clips which can be shared and saved and easily shared via socials, SMS and peer-to-peer channels"

A full-lenght is said to be coming up later this year.

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I saw them this week and they're better and more political than ever. Bless.

New/Upcoming "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" Collectibles (PART 3) POP CULTURE SHOCK SHE-RA

*While technically a spin-off and her own brand, I decided to include this massive She-Ra statue in the MOTU collectibles series.

- 1:4 scale statue of She-Ra made by Pop Culture Shock Toys
- Stands at 28 3/4" tall to the tip of the sword (over 2 feet!)
- Available for pre-order via Entertainment Earth Click Here
- EXPENSIVE but cool. $369.99 - Free shipping
- Comes with Certificate Of Authenticity
- Expected to ship around April, 2017 but this date could change
- She-Ra's full look after the cut

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[Male Objectification Post] Hot swimmers Vogue will be watching at the Olympics


Honestly who gives a fuck about gold medals and shit when we know the US will win the most of it. I rather just drool over the hotties and so does Vogue. They list the most attractive male swimmers they will be flicking the bean to-
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Source - vogue.com

ONTD, which athlete do you find hot? post them. What would you do to/with them?

Preempetive NSFW tag added just in case!

Joe Jonas doing promo for his successful band DNCE

The successful & humble Jonas brother stopped by Ryan Seacrest's radio show to update fans on the latest DNCE news:

- DNCE's first album release has been pushed back to October because of the mounting success of the band's new single, Toothbrush
- Promoted a secret show that DNCE is performing in LA on July 28th
- Joe took six shirtless selfies before deciding on which one to post
- Expressed his surprise and gratitude over the radio success of DNCE's music, noting the Jonas Brothers never experienced that.....
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