"Would You Rather" w/Ginger Chanteuse Adam Lambert + Singapore NYE concert draws anti-gay protests

Summary of protests from source:
-Adam's booked for the live national televised NYE "Celebrate 2016" concert in Singapore
-lots of online protests/petitions broke out calling him "lewd" & asking for more "wholesome role models"
-counter-protests online have come out in support of him
-Adam had to issue a statement which you can read under the cut

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Meghan Trainor on Frankie Grande: "My brotha from anotha motha"

Global pop superstar sensation and bass aficionado MEGHAN TRAINOR gave a shout-out to the one and only FRANKIE GRANDE on her Instagram account. The "Bang Dem Sticks" singer posted a photo of her and Frankie hugging each other at the American Music Awards last weekend with the caption "My brotha from anotha motha @frankiejgrande ..shout out to the Grande fam who always shows me mad love and gives the best hugs 💘💎." Meghan and the Grande family have quite the history together: Meghan and Frankie have been friends for almost two years, and Meghan most recently collaborated with Frankie's sister Ariana Grande on the single "Boys Like You" featuring Who Is Fancy.

Source: Instagram

Do you have a "brotha from anotha motha?"

Comedians Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele get engaged!

Comedy power couple Chelsea Peretti (Brooklyn 99) and Jordan Peele (Key & Peele) got engaged over the holiday weekend.

Congratulations to the hilarious couple! They're a great match.

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Tessa Thompson talks to Variety about how she landed her role in 'Creed' + more THR photos

  • Since Bianca (Tessa's character in Creed) is an aspiring singer/musician director Ryan Coogler originally wanted to cast a singer

  • Tessa won the role after she told him she had a band

  • She ended up co-writing 4 of the songs in the movie

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Censoring books continues to be a thing: Wisconsin edition

- An southern Wisconsin elementary school cancelled a planned reading of a children's book about a transgender girl (I Am Jazz) after the Florida-based Liberty Counsel group threatened to sue.

- The wankers said they were contacted by worried parents, adding that reading the book would violate parental rights. The Southern Poverty Law Center (red: consider op educated) classify the group as anti-LGBT under the guise of (surprise!) religious liberty.

- The school district said "it will be mindful of the needs of other students and families".


Is there anything Florida doesn't fuck (up) with?
What's the last LGQBTA book you read, ONTD?