Krysten Ritter to appear at BookCon to promote her new novel

-Krysten Ritter is to discuss her upcoming psychological thriller "Bonfire", to be released on November 7th.
-Other ONTD faves confirmed to be attending are Cassandra Clare, douche extraordinaire Chad Michael Murray, "Youtube Celebrity" Ryan Higa, and Mayim Bialik.


Ughhh, guess imma have to go this year... Anyone else going in June? ...Book post?

Barack Obama and daughter Malia attend 'The Price' on Broadway


The Arthur Miller adaption stars Mark Ruffalo, Danny DeVito, Tony Shalhoub, and Jessica Hecht.

The 6 directors nominated for Best Foreign Language Film release a joint political statement

  • In other news, Iranian director Asghar Farhadi will continue to boycott the Oscars as will everyone involved with the making of his film, The Salesman

  • Farhadi has selected two Iranian-Americans, Anousheh Ansari and Firouz Naderi, both space explorers, to go as his proxies to the Oscars

  • The 21 year old Syrian cinematographer who shot White Helmets, one of the films nominated for Best Documentary Short, has also been informed that he will be banned from entering the U.S. so he cannot attend the ceremony

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Great statement.

Writer Hired to Pen Adaptation of R.L. Stine’s ‘Fear Street’

The Tracking Board is reporting that 20th Century Fox has tapped writer Kyle Killen (The Beaver) to handle the script for their upcoming movie adaptation of Fear Street. No word yet on which book(s) in the series might be up for consideration in the adaptation, but chances are the movie will be a bit more straight forward than the Goosebumps film.

As such, we shouldn’t expect Fear Street to play to the same kind of humorous crowd as Goosebumps. As the name implies, Fear Street was scarier than Stine’s more well-known series, and focused on more mature themes and situations. With so many books to choose from, Killen certainly has a lot of material to work with as he crafts his screenplay, and it’s certainly possible that he’ll simply craft an original story that features some of the familiar faces and places known to readers of the novels.


Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot #4:


- calls LLL a POS
- did not understand Arrival
- does not understand the difference between sound mixing/sound editing
- confused O.J.: Made in America with The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story
- is gross about transgender bathrooms rights

Freddie Highmore Climbs Aboard "The Good Doctor"

Freddie Highmore's next move after the end of Bates Motel is picking up the lead in ABC's pilot The Good Doctor. Highmore will play Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism.

He joins Antonia Thomas, who was cast last week as Claire Browne, a doctor with her own demons who helps out Shaun and will inevitably be his love interest and/or sidekick.