Did LEMONADE flop? Sales figures revealed!!!

With months of hype and a multi-million dollar HBO rollout, Beyonce's sales figures are surprisingly LOW.

While she did earn her sixth number one album, the set sold a combined 653,000 copies (including her Tidal streams)! This follows the LOW rated HBO special, which didn't even draw 800,000 viewers!

She was on par with Justin Bieber's PURPOSES, who pushed nearly 650,000 .... But MILES away from Taylor Swift who sold north of a million .... And Adele over 3 million. Another burn for Beyonce is that Drake is expected to sell north of 1 million albums this week.

Fifth Harmony Sophmpre Album '7/27' Will Be Explicit

the album looks so good like that

After years targeting a younger audience, it seems like things have changed for the 5H girls. Track 10 (Not That Kinda Girl featuring Missy Elliott) and track 11 (Dope) both have an explicit language included in the lyrics. As a result, the album will have a "Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics" warning on it. In their debut years, the girls music and image was more kid-friendly, having songs like 'Miss Movin' On' & 'Me & My Girls' and a deal with Mattel (which included their own doll collection, a song and music video for the 'Anything Is Possible' campaign, a cameo in the Barbie show "Barbie Dream House" and more). Of course, there will be a clean version of the album too.

I guess the transformation is complete

source: iTunes

Taylor "Runs Errands" in NYC Before Tomorrow's Met Ball!

Bonus: Taylor Out Last Night with Todrick at Martha Hunt B-Day BashCollapse )


Okay treats I think her hair has finally settled and looks good, but tomorrow will be the real test

Charming Channing Tatum Interview

Background info on Carly:
Carly Fleischmann is a 21 year old from my hometown (suburbs of Toronto) who has severe non-verbal autism. As a child, her behaviours were so extreme that she showed little improvement through rigorous therapy. When she was 13, she accessed a computer and wrote the words "Help me". From then, she became a breakthrough into the understanding of people with autism. She then went on to describe the overwhelming sensations she feels and why does does certain behaviours. She is proof that many non-verbal people on the spectrum with severe physical behaviours have normal cognitive development.

She is so beautiful and such an inspiration. Her questions are hilarious and she has zero filter. She's hoping to be the first non-verbal special needs talk show host.


Beyoncé mysteriously cancels Nashville concert days after Formation Tour begins

Beyonce's rep sent the following statement to E!: "Following Wednesday's sold out opening night Formation World Tour concert in Miami, promoters Live Nation announced that the Nashville concert previously scheduled for Thursday, May 5 will be rescheduled. Details about the rescheduled date will be announced shortly and Nashville tickets holders are advised to retain their tickets which will be honored at the rescheduled event."

There was no further explanation given as to why the show has been called off.


Wiz Khalifa collabs with Chinese Pop Sensation Z-TAO for new song "Hello" (Preview)

source: เทา'ส มาย

[Spoiler (click to open)]

When will kpop

(just in case - source: royaltykia

is the song a bop or a flop?