The Chicago Cubs are headed to the World Series

This is the first time the Cubs have been to the World Series since 1945.

Also in case you missed it -

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I'm legitimately in tears over this oh my God.

Tilda Swinton addresses the Ancient One whitewashing controversy, wants her own spinoff

Tilda Swinton attended the world premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Thursday night and told critics:

"They need to see the film to understand why Scott Derrickson and Kevin Feige decided to reimagine the Ancient One as a woman. People shouting loud and proud about needing more diversity in Hollywood cinema have got us right behind them."

We need to talk about an Ancient Celtic One spinoff:

"I’m pretty confidently dropping hints in Kevin Feige’s ear about a prequel, I’m constantly harassing him about that. I don’t know if it’ll get anywhere. ... Just leaving the odd hint. Writing the odd note and putting it in his pocket. Writing lipstick messages in his mirror. Just seeing how far we get."

+ The comic world of Doctor Strange is very male ... Who’s the magical, mystical, woman with secrets that could work in this role?Collapse )

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Lana Del Rey to release an album next month ?

Mike Adam (who tf is he) tweeted that Lana's supposedly releasing an album next month. No one really knows who he is, and Lana hasalf hasn't made any announcements, therefore fans are sceptical yet hysteric (incl. me). She could just release an album off of her unreleased tracks. Afaik, OP doesn't recall her being in the studio enough to record an entire album, but she's always ben low key blindsiding us, so who knows.

Paradise >>> Honeymoon >>> Ultraviolence.

But all kidding aside, U ready for another LDR album if this is true ONTD ?

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BLACK MIRROR, MR. ROBOT, and others poke fun at recent Dyn DDoS attack

As most of you may have noticed, on Friday a massive cyberattack managed to take down many popular sites and services such as Twitter, Netflix, PSN, and others. You can read here why this attack was particularly troubling to experts.

And the internet being what it is, even in these dark times, some managed to find a way to have some fun with this. Netflix's Black Mirror account tweeted the above, which references the Season 3 premiere episode, Nosedive, in which your rating in society can determine privileges awarded or taken away from you.

Not to be outdone, USA Network's Mr. Robot tweeted the below :

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How did you survive without Twitter/Netflix/PSN and such? I cleaned my apartment and chuckled over my friend sending me angry messages about missing the Battlefield 1 Beta. Also, feel free to use this as another discussion post for Black Mirror! Apologies, meant to try and submit one on Friday evening since some of you said you'd be starting the marathon this weekend. So, likes/dislikes about the new season? Favorite episode/moment? Catch any of the easters eggs? Personally, I'm still recovering over Shut Up and Dance...

[Spoiler code for those who need it]

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The Walking Dead Death Leaked? (Or maybe not)

So this popped up on YouTube, showing the Lucille victim...except people are convinced this was an intentional leak by AMC to throw everyone off.

Whether it's the real death or not ([Spoiler (click to open)]lol it ain't real, AMC's wild, they think they're slick), we'll see tomorrow night.

Video behind the cut.

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ONTD Original: Torchwood Premiered 10 years ago today! Here's the 10 best episodes.

10 years later, here are the 10 best episodes of Torchwood imho.

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ONTD, do you remember when Torchwood was ONTD's favorite show? Jack and Ianto thanks you for your time.

Doctor Who's spin-off "Class" creator: "The lack of LGBT representation on screen is harmful"

- Patrick Ness, Class' creator told Gaytimes: "When you don’t see yourself on screen, you are harmed (...) And I just thought, when I started writing, that that was never going to happen again, not on my watch."
- Jordan Renzo, one of the lgbt characters has said that he knew bringing gay to the whoverse may raise a bit of controversy but he gave no fucks.
- Class is set in a similar post-acceptance world to the one Teen Wolf built, where gays have been forever and no1curr.


Discussion post! ONTD, did you watch Class? Are you shipping Charlie/Matteusz already? Episode 3 has more of them!

Comic book artist Steve Dillon dies at 54

Steve Dillon has passed away at the age of 54. He was known for being the co-creator on Preacher as well as the artist on titles such as Punisher and Hellblazer.


Lady Gaga's Apple Music Ad (Ft. A-YO)

What should be the second single, ONTD?
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