Trailer for "11 Days," Documentary On The Death of Actress Misty Upham

Misty Upham, an actress from the Blackfeet Nation, went missing on October 5, 2014. Without the help from police, friends and family found her body 11 days later at the bottom of a cliff.

Her father, Charles Upham, released a trailer for a documentary on her disappearance, her death and the aftermath.


"August: Osage County" Actress, Misty Upham, Missing
Father of Missing Actress, Misty Upham, Fears She Is "Suicidal"
Misty Upham Confirmed Dead: Family Identifies Body; Celebrity Friends React
Misty Upham died from blunt force injuries to head and torso before her body was found in ravine

Perrie Edwards was left 'homeless and crying everyday' after split with Zayn

* Perrie was living with Zayn in his north London house before the breakup.

* Perrie:"while I was in America things really hit me and I realised I was homeless. I was crying everyday" :(

* She realised she had ‘nowhere to go’ when she was in America and was homeless soon after the breakup, resulted in her mother calling her she was so upset.

* Other Little Mix members offered to put her up but they didn't had room

* Couldn't rent as she had pets

* Luckily someone offered to let her stay in their guest cottage, so she moved in until she had time to buy her own house.

OP note: Zayn also evicted Perrie's mother effectively making her homeless HOMELESS 8 months after their break up, by refusing to keep paying the bills on the house and telling her to leaveshe was staying in effectively making her homeless.

[Since ztans think Im lying to make Zayn look bad heres the direct quote]

source 1 2
Homeless is homeless regardless of income bracket. As it says if you read the post she couldn't rent because of her pets, do you expect her to buy a house in London while in America??

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NETFLIX - BLACK MIRROR Premiere + Season 4 Casting/Directing News

Jodie Foster & Rosemarie DeWitt for S4Collapse )
Season 3 of BLACK MIRROR premieres tonight at 12am PDT on Netflix! Hopefully I didn't submit this too late in the evening, so perhaps can use as a discussion post for anyone staying up and binging like I am =) I'll try and make another post for the weekend for those waiting until then. Looking forward to discussing the new season with you guys!

[spoiler code for those who need it]

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It worked for Born This Way? Amazon selling Joanne for 4 dollars.


The minimum amount for an album to count on billboard is $3.49. The rules were put in place after a scandal in 2011 that allowed an album to sell over a million copies, half of them only for selling for 99 cents.

How Taylor Swift Ended the SF Giants' World Series Hopes

T. Swift has released ha albums the same year the Giants have won the World Series in 2010, 12, 14. This year, Swift saved us from her "music" and did not release an album.

Fans claim that the Giants' even-year magic has more to do with if the 'Famous' star released an album or not, rather than whether if it was an even-year.


la diabla is one of the five permanent members of the illumanti and vetoed the win. blame ha.

ONTD Original™: Little Mix's "Our World" Recap

Little Mix's new book Our World is finally out, so I decided to make a recap and show you the best and most important parts of it in case you're broke right now and can't buy it. And also because we all know that ONTD won't read 200+ pages. Enjoy!
Life before Little MixCollapse )The X-FactorCollapse )RelationshipsCollapse )Brit Awards, Touring + MoreCollapse )

sources: my copy of "Our World" + my words + hosted images

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Selena Gomez Update: Is Her "Recovery" Not Going As Planned?

Rumor has it that Selena Gomez's rehab recovery is not going so well...and that her mother is trying to get a conservatorship kinda like the one Britney has.

She's reportedly feeling trapped and like hell in rehab and wants to leave, despite not being done with treatment.

She was photographed smoking recently while in rehab...where she's supposedly treating her "lupus" related side effects.

One source added, “When the actual effects of detoxing hit her body, she started complaining. Selena keeps saying she feels like hell and wants to leave the facility, or go switch to outpatient treatment."