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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 2x01 Roundup: New clip, new theme song, and new music video!

Scene from 2x01 'Where is Josh's Friend?':

Season 2 premieres this Friday, 10/21, at 9/8c!

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New theme song for s2 + reasons behind the changeCollapse )

New music video "Love Kernels" spoofs Beyoncé"s LemonadeCollapse )

Bonus Darryl + White Josh cuteness from the CXG writers on TwitterCollapse )

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Looking's Raul Castillo joins the cast of the CW's Riverdale

Raul Castillo, who played Richie on HBO's Looking, has a recurring role in the CW's Riverdale. He's playing Oscar, "a serious, successful songwriter from New York who is also a visiting professor at Carson College, located in Riverdale. Cool and exacting, Oscar agrees to audition Archie in the hopes of possibly mentoring the aspiring singer-songwriter — but does Archie have true musical chops?"

Oscar makes his debut in ep 5.


also, according to this video, sabrina [Spoiler (click to open)]isn't going to be a witch, but someone who's escaped from a cult. lololololol

more spoilers: betty and veronica [Spoiler (click to open)]kiss in the pilot, according to this review, and moose is a closet case getting some kevin keller action.

The Flash Roundup - Extended Trailer, Promo Pics, Interviews and CW Welcomes Tom Felton

Flash 3x03 'Magenta' Extended Trailer

The CW Welcomes Tom Felton

3x03 'Magenta' Promo Images
The CW has released some promotional images for your enjoyment, and as always curated to cater to the interest of Flash Fam ONTDers, so heavily featuring the Families West & Wells. More images at the source.

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3x04 'The New Rogues' Episode Description
Episode 3x04 'The New Rogues' features the return of Wentworth Miller (DCTV Regular) as Captain Cold, as well as the introduction of Mirror Master and The Top.
Placed under a cut because it involves some Jesse Quick spoilers.

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Tom Cavanagh On Playing The Harrison Wells' of the Multiverse
The OP's Unproblematic Fave TomCav sat down with Variety to discuss playing five versions of Harrison, working with Kevin Smith, the musical crossover with Supergirl, his charity work with Nothing But Nets, and his charity basketball game.

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EP Todd Helbing Talks Flashpoint Consequences & Speedster Allies...
Exec Producer Todd Helbing (one half of 'The Helbing Brothers') got on the old dog & bone with IGN UK to chat Season 3.

In his interview, TH explained what we can expect and what we won’t see this season, why Flashpoint was wrapped up after one episode, the introduction of Tom Felton’s Julian Albert, and the addition of BB Speedsters Jesse Quick and Kid Flash, as well as all his love of Tom Cavanagh...

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No 'This Week On: 'The Flash Cast Doing Stuff On Social Media' this week, ONTD Flash Fam! The cast have basically been mostly off for Canadian Thanksgiving, so it is kind of radio silent on social media.
Did you enjoy all the Barry dragging going on this week?

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