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Somebody saveeeee meeeeee - Smallville coming to Hulu in October

It's confirmed! Hulu will begin streaming all 10 seasons of Smallville starting October 1st, just in time for the show's 15th anniversary. You'll finally be able to (legally) binge watch 160hrs of Clark Kent coming to terms with his superhero powers, only to be disappointed by the 2-second appearance of him in full Superman gear.


What's your favorite Kryptonite color, ONTD?

Lois Lane Jodi thanks you for your time

New TV Shows In Development by Berlanti/Plec, NCIS Dude, Tim Kring & Leah Remini

Marquis is supposed to be another night time soap about characters in an exclusive Manhattan building and will be written by Jake Coburn (one of the writers of Quantico)
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Dichen Lachman Cast as Roulette in Supergirl S2

-her character runs an underground alien fight club
-wants to get supergirl in the ring
-was seen filming with chyler leigh (alex danvers) & floriana lima (maggie sawyer)


Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly!

Entertainment Weekly asked readers to vote for their favorite fall show, and said show gets a spiffy cover. Supernatural once again wins with over 2.6 million votes!

Padalecki and Ackles will also be appearing at EW’s upcoming PopFest event in Los Angeles next month. Tix available EW's site.

Supernatural returns October 13th on the CW.


-This is a really cute cover, tbh!
-Yes, the show is still on. Make that paper $$$
-Yes, Jared can be #theworst on social media, but OP would still be his bttm betch

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