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The Flash Roundup - Cast on Social Media, Filming Starts, Candice Speaks, Kevin Smith Back, & More

The Flash Season 3 - Filming Underway!
Stars Candice Patton, Keiynan Lonsdale (and Grant Gustin) took to twitter last Thursday to announce that The Flash season 3 filming has commenced!

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Candice Patton Reacts to the Recent Tragic Shootings.
Undisputed star of The Flash, Candice Patton, reacted on twitter to the spate of recent shootings and police violence against black POC in America.
Bonus Keiynan.

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Tom Felton NOT Playing Godspeed.
Sources reveal that Tom Felton, who will be playing new series regular CSI 'Julian Dorn', will NOT be playing the villain 'Godspeed', who was recently introduced in DC Rebirth.

There has been supposed fan outcry about him being the TV version of Godspeed, but it was considered that the villain is too new and has too much comic development yet to come for him to be translated so quickly over to the show.

Kevin Smith Returns To Direct 3x07 & Puts Arrow On Blast.
We already know Kevin Smith was asked to return to the Flash director's chair this coming season, but it has finally been revealed for which episode - 3x07, for which he'll be heading up to Vancouver first week of September!

Speaking to Den of Geek about the success of Season 2 episode The Runaway Dinosaur, Smith revealed that he has expressed interest in bringing his 2002 comic arc super villain Onomatopoeia to life on CW's Arrow, a misguided show few people have heard of and even fewer still watch, led by Robbie Amell's cousin.

He has even considered deeply how to translate Onomatopoeia into a live action villain with little cards instead of vocalised sound, but 'unfortunately' he says "I’ve not heard from anybody over there".

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Teddy Sears Talks Pop!s.
Teddy recently sat down with Legion of Collectors to talk about his Funko Pop! Collection of Jays/Jooms/etc.

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MATES Reaches Its 100th Episode.
Popular Snack Podcast 'Mates' (aka 'Mike And Tom Eat Snacks') has reached the 100th episode.
Based around the premise of the PER System™ (pick a snack, eat a snack, rate a snack), Tom Cavanagh and bff Michael Ian Black of NBC's classic sitcom 'Ed', adored by mums/moms everywhere, discuss life and put their lives on the line with snacks which are not always safe for human consumption.

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This Summer Hiatus On: 'The Flash Cast Doing Stuff & Things On Social Media'...
The summer is always a strange time for the cast, either involving promotional duties, other projects, photoshoots, conventions, or just vacation.
With SDCC around the corner, and the cast have JUST BEGUN FILMING SEASON 3 (!!!), not a huge amount going on, but YES to filming! And of course the big Kid Flash reveal! ❤️

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How's your Summer Hiatus going, ONTD Flash Fam? Miss you all! ❤
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John Barrowman Promoted to Series Regular Across All DCTV Shows

are you ready to see earth-2, earth-3, & past/future malcolm?

Supergirl Flies into the CW Early

-cw will air all of season 1 on the network before its october 10th premiere
-starting monday august 1 the cw will air 2 episodes every monday night until the start of season 2

will you be watching, ontd?


CW/Netflix reach new deal

-Full seasons will be available 8 days after the season finales air
-With this new deal, CW/Hulu are officially parting ways
-You will still be able to stream newer episodes on TheCW.com since they will no longer be on Hulu in any shape or form.

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i'm pissed about them parting ways w/hulu tbh

Tom Felton joins The Flash as Series Regular

Felton will play Julian Dorn, a fellow CSI at the Central City Police Department who suspects there’s more to Barry Allen than just his good guy reputation.


Legends of Tomorrow Casts Maisie Richardson-Sellers as their Vixen

-character's name is Amaya Jiwe
-is Mari McCabe's (played by Megalyn Echikunwoke) grandmother
-Amaya's powers are derived from the mysterious Tantu Totem, which allows her to magically access the abilities of animals


gina rodriguez is attracted to "hearts," not gender

In response to a tweet asking if she identifies as straight, Gina Rodriguez responded:

This pretty much falls in line with her haircut and how into her I am.


ONTD, are you attracted to hearts? Also, are you capable of saying the word bisexual or nah?

Lynda Carter Joins Supergirl

-as predicted before, she'll be playing the President of the United States
-recurring role, starting in episode 3


Arrow Adds Artemis for Season 5

-Madison McLaughlin already appeared as Evelyn Sharp (& impersonated black canary) in season 4
-Reprising role for multiple episodes starting in 5x02 as Artemis