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Rihanna's #ANTIdiaRYy: Room 1 is now unlocked

For those who are following the ANTIdiaRy, which is the mysterious journey Rihanna is taking us on before her 8th album releases, the first room "R1"(which fans think symbols her first album) is now unlocked. For those who don't want to experience this amazing visual, this is Rihanna taking us on a journey of her life. The room 1 shows her as a little girl(a girly girl and a tomboy are inside the room) in Barbados. The little girl is singing with a hairbrush(Rihanna has mentioned before that her father caught her singing with a hairbrush as a child) and the tomboy is drawing pictures like the map of America and an airplane. There is also a diary on the bed that says "Dearest Robyn, theres gold in your voice. follow it. With Love, X.". Both kids then go under the covers and come out as an older girl who leaves the room. This is really cute and the visuals are STUNNING. I'm finally excited about this era and what she's going to share with her fans. This is definitely for the fans. There are more rooms to come soon(maybe within the week): Room 2 the "Studio", Room 3 the "Closet", Room 4 the "Tattoo Parlor"(fans are thinking this will be the darkest one for obvious reasons), Room 5 the "Gallary", Room 6 the "Shell", Room 7 the "Office", and the final one, the Room 8 the "ANTI Bedroom".

Go to antidiary.com on your mobile phone to experience it. Also, don't forget to tune into the AMAs tonight at 8 PM EST where Rihanna and Samsung will have something to share.

The Navy has been trying to figure out what Room 1 symbolizes. For those who care and likes riddles, what are your theories?


Rihanna to Release Cannabis Line: ‘MaRihanna’

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- Nothing confirmed yet, but sources say she will release her own marijuana products in Colorado in early 2016

- The brand will contain many different types of marijuana — including Karibbean Kush, Haitian Haze and Jamaican High Grade — as well as many different edibles and concentrates


And this should be item #420 that Rih releases instead of an album

HITS Daily Double: Rihanna's "ANTI" to drop 11/27 exclusively on TIDAL

-HITS Daily Double is reporting that Rihanna's "ANTI" will drop 11/27 exclusively through TIDAL.

-The album is supposed to get a retail release on 12/4, the same day as Coldplay's new album.

-Rihanna faces fierce competition from Coldplay, as well as Adele, whose album comes out on 11/20.

-There's no word yet on how her $25 million Samsung deal will play into promoting her album.

Source: http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=298532

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Rihanna Launches Beauty and Photo Agencies

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Entrepreneurship queen has just launched a beauty and stylist agency called Fr8me. No word if the name is in any way related to her still unreleased 8th album.

The roster of talent includes Rihanna’s makeup artist Mylah Morales, wardrobe stylist Jason Bolden (Taraji P. Henson), hairstylist Patricia Morales (Fergie), and Marcia Hamilton (Jada Pinkett Smith and the Smith family). They will also be looking for new talents.

They're very social media conscious, saying they would "take a makeup artist with 500,000 followers over someone else"

Rihanna also opened a photo agency called A Dog Ate My Homework. Also no word if this is her way of saying why there is no new album yet.


Selena Gomez Performs at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show + Rihanna Sends VS a Note

-Performed tonight at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City where the show was held.
-It's being reported Selena performed "Hands to Myself” and “Me and My Girls” during the show.
-The show is set to to air on CBS on Dec 8th 2015.

Check out the photos at the first source!

In other VS Fashion news, a person by the name of Rihanna Fenty sent fan mail to the production of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for "canceling" on them at the last minute. See the Instagram post behind the cut:

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ONTD, have you cancelled abruptly on someone before?

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Details on Rihanna's 2nd Annual Diamond Ball

-Diamond Ball Tour Fundraiser will be on Dec 10th 2015 in Santa Monica.
-Kevin Hart will host.
-Lionel Richie will perform at the fundraiser.
-Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino will give out inaugural Diamond Honors Award for the entertainment company's philanthropic efforts.
-Last years fundraiser raised over $2 million to provide equipment to a hospital in Rihanna's home of Barbados.

ONTD, has your fave delayed their album?

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Little Mix @ Lorraine on ITV + Yahoo! UK Livestream Viewing Post

This morning, Little Mix stopped by ITV's Lorraine, where they were interviewed and performed Love Me Like You.

  • They talked about going to BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards yesterday.

  • Jade is the quickest to learn choreography because she has good memory and she can learn it just watching their choreographer.

  • Perrie and Leigh-Anne are the slowest to pick up choreography.

  • Rihanna is Leigh-Anne fashion idol because she says that Rihanna doesn't care and just wears whatever she wants to wear.

  • They would probably die if they went on tour with the Spice Girls.

  • Jesy would be Ginger Spice, both Perrie and Jade would be Baby Spice, and Leigh-Anne would be a mix between Scary Spice and Posh Spice.

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I hope you have a good Monday, ONTD! If you're going to watch the livestream, feel free to use this post to talk about it!