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'Stranger Things' premiere/party photos

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you guys this series was SO GOOD. I got to ep 8 and it was like a good book I didn't want to finish. winona is great at playing insano bonkers and all the kids/teens were perf. also props to that little girl for shaving her head for that role.

and did anyone else do a little dance whenever the theme came on? just me? ok.

Becky G does a Britney Spears inspired "Sola" performance at Premios Juventud #TBTPJ

On a special "Throwback Thursday" night at Premios Juventud, Becky G performs her new single, Sola, inspired by Britney Spears' iconic performance.

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Did she pull through, ONTD?
Ahora aguanta candela...

Leslie Jones Says No Designers Will Dress Her For The Ghostbusters Premiere

No designers were willing to dress Leslie for the "Ghostbusters" red carpet premiere.

She took to twitter to explain her dilemma and how she is about to blow up as a star.

Christian Siriano came to her rescue.

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Margot Robbie, Alexander Skarsgård, and more at the Tarzan premiere

Alexander Skarsgard, Margot Robbie, Samuel L. Jackson, Djimon Hounsou, and Christoph Waltz were in LA yesterday for the premiere of The Legend of Tarzan. Other celebs who also showed up include Hozier, Ryan Guzman, Jon Voight, and Magic Johnson.

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Beyonce to open 2016 BET Awards? + Arrivals post I guess


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Her dancers just walked the red carpet at the BET Awards!



I read that her & Kendrick might be opening with "Freedom". This post will be updated with arrival photos and red carpet streams eventually. Catch the Red Carpet at 6pm EST on BET. The show itself will be broadcasted on BET, MTV (I think this is the first time ever), VH1, Spike, MTV2, among others.

Pictures from the Orange is the New Black season four premiere

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Don't forget to use spoiler tags when discussing the new season.

Zayn leaves Gigi's apartment in NYC & attends the 7th Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala

Zayn was photographed leaving Gigi's apartment in NYC yesterday.

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Later, he attended the 7th Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala and he presented the amfAR Award of Inspiration to Kim Jones.

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