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Pictures from the premiere of 'Bad Moms'

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I forgot that the Queen of the Earth was pregnant until these pics. Oops. Looking forward to this movie though!

Pictures from the 'Star Trek Beyond' world premiere

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I'm assuming that the black insignia is for Anton.

David Milibae meets Ben McKenzie, Morena Baccarin & others at IRC GenR Summer Party

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The International Rescue Committee is an NGO that helps resettle refugees and those displaced by war and other situations out of their control.

'Stranger Things' premiere/party photos

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you guys this series was SO GOOD. I got to ep 8 and it was like a good book I didn't want to finish. winona is great at playing insano bonkers and all the kids/teens were perf. also props to that little girl for shaving her head for that role.

and did anyone else do a little dance whenever the theme came on? just me? ok.