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Twin Peaks Red Carpet

25 years after the last piece of Twin Peaks canon came out (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me premiered at Cannes on May 1, 1982), cast members both new and old walked the red carpet for the premiere of the new and final season which will premiere on Showtime this Sunday.

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Celebs To Be Fined for Smoking Inside the Met?

- Board Member walked in during the smoking and was upset by it. Says the celebs were smoking, vaping, lounging, etc. It was so full of ppl and she couldn't make it to the stalls.
-Board member would have liked to use the bathroom without having to tell Diddy to get out of her way.

- Board member feels that the smoking was disrespectful to the museum and notified Anna Wintour and her team about it.

- A donor to the Met is upset by the fact that celebs were smoking inside the museum.
- Donor feels like it's insulting and disrespectful to the art which needs to be kept 100% smoke free.
- Donor feels that city should fine the smokers

smoking in an art museum yay or nay

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Vogue x Met Gala 2017 Interviews.

Met Gala attendees were smoking in the bathroom

take a second and let the classiness waft over you... is that that cigarettes you're smelling? why, yes! several photos of party attendees at the met gala smoking in the bathroom has surfaced online, including pictures of dakota johnson, rami malek and bella hadid

armie hammer was also seen vaping (confirmed to be hash oil by the man himself)

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do you smoke inside, ontd?

Katy Perry attracts criticism for wearing John Galliano dress at Met Gala

People are not too happy over the Katy rocking Galliano at yesterday's Met Gala.

Galiano famously declared his love for Hitler in Paris back in 2011. He was convicted by a French court for public insults based on religious affiliation. He called a woman "a fucking ugly Jewish bitch" and said "People like you would be dead today. Your mothers, your forefathers would all be fucking gassed and fucking dead."

He blamed his actions on alcohol addiction and went to rehab. Anna Wintour remained a supporter of Galliano and helped him re-established his career after rehab.

Sources say Anna orchestrated the partnership between Katy and Galliano at this year's event.

Katy is now recieving backlash on social media over the designer choice. This isnt helping after the rough weekend she had with being dragged for collaborating with a homophobic rap group, making an offensive Obama joke and getting called out for using the N-word in 2013.


Selena Gomez' Mom is Happy With The Weeknd Relationship

Kicked to the Curb Productions, founded by Selena Gomez' mother, Mandy Teefey, left a comment on The Weeknd's Instagram photo of him and Selena at the MET Gala.

Abel and Selena (dressed in Coach) were very lovey-dovey at the MET Gala and looked like a happy couple. This is the first time Selena has attended the red carpet with a boyfriend in 5 years.

Transcript: 'Glowing, smiling, looking health and equal love. Mama is happy XO'

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she seems drunk